10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (2023)

10 Best Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Systems

The one thing everyone wants in a hidden GPS tracker is a device that can quickly and covertly be placed on a vehicle to secretly track that car without them knowing.All of the solutions on this list have distinct characteristics that meet the needs of anyone who wants to be their own private investigator and find out the truth.

We analyzed each vehicle GPS tracker based on its price, subscription plans, battery capacity, size, and deployment procedure when generating this list. We looked into things like the regions covered, the GPS tracking app’s simplicity of use, safety, and other distinguishing qualities.

We also looked into the other services these companies provide, such as lifetime warranties, 24/7 customer service, technical support, installation assistance, and more to determine which magnetic tracking devices stood above the competition.

The vehicle tracker that is rated as the best GPS tracker with magnet is the LandAirSea hidden GPS. Redefining live GPS tracking technology while bringing a touch of simplicity to mobile tracking solutions, LandAirSea is a real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees. If you are searching for a car locator with a powerful magnet, below are our top picks for the best magnet GPS trackers for 2023!

1. LandAirSea – Best Overall Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracking Device

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (1)


6 Winning Features

  • Free Android & iPhone Mobile App
  • Live GPS Tracking With No Subscription Fees
  • 4G Personal GPS Tracker
  • Technical Support Available 24/7
  • Ultra-Powerful Magnet
  • Portable GPS Tracker With Waterproof Housing

Nearly undetectable, LandAirSea 54 is a portable, rechargeable, real time GPS that makes it easy to secretly track any vehicle without anyone ever knowing! The magnet-mounted car GPS tracker provides location updates as fast as every 3 seconds, making it the perfect device for busting a cheating spouse or teenager driving wildly. However, the feature that we love most with this 4G asset tracker is that it was engineered with no subscription fees for the first year of use! LandAirSea GPS is easily the best magnetic GPS tracking device on the market today!



  • Exterior Magnetic Mount To Hide Real Time GPS Under Car

  • Free Tech Support For Life Of Product (Based In United States)

  • Wireless Mini GPS Can Easily Be Hidden On Any Vehicle

  • 100% Legal To Purchase

The LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker features a built-in magnet and is waterproof and dustproof. In fact, the neodymium rare earth magnet is the strongest in the world! That means you do not have to worry about the vehicle magnetic tracker falling off an automobile or asset. The ultra-strong magnetic attachment also makes it easy to secretly equip the realtime GPS tracker on any vehicle without a person ever knowing!

Features and Qualities

The 4G lte GPS tracker may be carried in a pocket, purse, backpack, or anyplace else. As a result, you may use it to keep an eye on your child waking to school or teen driver on the road. The compact asset GPS will give parents a sense of security with unique features such as geofencing, real-time alerts, and proximity warnings.

Furthermore, the LandAirSea waterproof magnetic tracker is simple to use and can be customized to meet any of your specific business requirements. The portable realtime GPS for cars has unlimited distance in the USA, and is supported with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty along with free technical assistance if you ever need help getting the realtime GPS tracker set up!

Price:The vehicle GPS tracker costs $299.95 and has no monthly subscription fees for the first year!


  • Size: 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 0.8″
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Weight: 8 Oz
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Three weeks of active battery life with 3-minute updates
  • Six months battery life on sleep mode

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (2)

2. Everlast GPS Tracking Device – Best With Powerful Magnet

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (3)6 Winning Features

  • Ultra Strength Magnet GPS
  • 138 Days Of GPS Tracking
  • Choose Options For Monthly Data
  • SIM Card Included With 4G GPS Tracker
  • Personal GPS With SOS Button + Waterproof Case

Anyone looking for a GPS vehicle tracker that will never fall off a car and that can also be used as a personal locater must check out the Everlast Nano GPS tracker combo pack. Featuring real time tracking updates as fast as every 10 seconds, Everlast Spark Nano is an affordable waterproof GPS tracker magnetic box case. Once the mini real time 4G tracker is equipped under a car it can pick up GPS signals that bounce off the ground. This makes it easy to see where a driver is located and if the driver were speeding, while also giving fleet managers complete tracking history! The best feature of this vehicle tracker? The 138 days of real time GPS location updates make it the surveillance device with the most powerful battery on the market today.

For more details on this personal GPS tracking system pleaseCLICK HERE!



  • Real Time GPS Tracker With Longest Battery Life

  • Works In USA, Canada, and Mexico

  • Six Month Standby Time Battery Life

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3. Driving Activity Reporter – Best With No Monthly Fees

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (4)6 Winning Features

  • Weather Resistant Surface Magnetic Mount
  • Locator Tracks Every Second
  • Global Coverage
  • Mini Portable Design
  • One Month Battery Life
  • Simple Plug & Play Design

Approach a target vehicle, attach the Driving Activity Reporter to the outside of the vehicle, connecting the device via magnetic mount, and let the tracking begin! Using the hidden GPS tracker is literally that simple. This is because the engineers of the device understood that users want a car tracker small in size that can easily be connected to the outside of a vehicle without the hassle. One of the all-time best-selling GPS data loggers over the last decade, Driving Activity Reporter is popular among private investigators, police agencies, and anyone who wants to track a vehicle without paying any monthly fees. However, it is important to note that this car tracking device is not a realtime GPS




  • Lowest Price GPS Data Logger

  • Second-By-Second Tracking

  • Easily Hide On Any Vehicle

4. Spark Nano 7 – Best Micro GPS With SOS Buttons

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (5)

6 Winning Features

  • BrickHouse Security Top Seller
  • GPS Tracker 4G LTE
  • Speed Alerts + Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Cheap Pricing $29.95
  • Emergency Panic SOS Button
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Spark Nano 7 is a battery-powered mini GPS created by the counter-surveillance experts at BrickHouse Security. Widely recognized as one of the more affordable hidden GPS tracking devices for a car or vehicle, Spark Nano 7 has been a top seller on Amazon for over 4 years. Featuring a panic SOS button, free GPS tracking app for iPhone & Android,and an affordable price tag ($29.95), it is no wonder why the Spark Nano 7 makes this list of the best magnetic mini GPS trackers. However, if you want to place the Spark Nano 7 under a vehicle you will need to purchase the additional waterproof case (we also recommend the extended battery pack for 140 days of vehicle tracking). These accessories will bring the overall cost of the magnet GPS tracker to $149.00, but will also allow the mini GPS to provide 6 months of real time tracking!

Get more info on this mini hidden GPS tracker when youCLICK HERE!

Features and Qualities

This GPS tracker for vehicle surveillance comes with a durable waterproof magnetic case. With the aid of this vehicle’s magnetic case, you may attach the lte GPS tracker beneath the automobile for inconspicuous tracking. The case protects the mini GPS against rough driving situations and extreme weather events such as rain, sleet, or snow.

Geofence, SOS button, and mobile application are some important characteristics of this GPS tracker. You may use the geofencing tool to establish numerous virtual barriers on the map and get a real-time warning when a car passes through them. These features are also useful in a variety of circumstances, and why Spark Nano 7 is also considered one of the best pet GPS trackers!

Imagine you take a trip to a local dog park with your pet. When a dog is active and rambunctious, it can be challenging to keep a close eye on the dog. How the 4g LTE realtime tracking can help if your dog wanders away from the park with the geofence feature.You may use the geofencing tool to construct a virtual barrier around the dog park. As a result, if your dog crosses or approaches the line, the device will give you an alarm. Now, you can easily protect your adorable little puppy from danger!

Price:Spark Nano 7 tracker is $17.99 and requires a $29.95 per month subscription fee.


  • Size: 3.0” x 1.58” x 1.0”
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Battery: 2600mAh
  • Weight: 3.3 Oz
  • Six days of battery life on one-minute tracking
  • 15 days of battery life in sleep mode



  • Magnetic Waterproof Case

  • Panic Button WithFull 4G Cellular Coverage

  • Different Tracking Speeds

5. Spy Tec GL300 – Amazon Best Selling Magnet GPS Tracker

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (6)

6 Winning Features

  • One Of The Best Sellers On Amazon For Car Electronics
  • Perfect For Teen Drivers & GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Pricing $29.95 (Waterproof Case $19.95)
  • Real Time 4G SIM Card Included
  • GPS Data Saved For 365 Days
  • Free Mobile Tracking Apps For iPhone & Android

If you are looking for a magnetic GPS tracking device that provides location updates every minute at a low cost then look no further than the Spy Tec GL300 GPS tracker. One of the top-rated car GPS trackers on Amazon (alongside MOTOsafety), Spy Tec GL300 is a mini portable 4G car tracker that provides real time tracker for as low as $24.95 a month. However, it is worth noting, that the SpyTec GL300 has essentially the exact features of the Spark Nano 7 developed by BrickHouse Security. Except, the counter-surveillance specialists at BrickHouse Security have a higher rating when it comes to customer care and technical support assistance. The Spy Tec GL300 requires users to invest in an additional waterproof case in order to safeguard the real time GPS from the elements, but overall the device has a good value.

Learn more about this tracker when youCLICK HERE!

Price:SpyTec GL300 GPS tracker is $29.95 with a $29.95 subscription required each month of use.


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  • Dimensions: 3.15″ x 1.15″ x 1.64″
  • Weight: 0.32oz (9g)
  • Internal battery: Li-polymer, 2600 mAh.
  • Standby time: Between 6 and 25 days, depending on usage.
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to approximately 131°



  • GL300 GPS Tracker Is Amazon Best Seller

  • GSM SIM Card Included

  • Car GPS System Is Less Than $50

6. Amcrest GL300 – Portable GPS Tracker For Parents

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (7)

The Amcrest GL300 GPS tracker is a tiny and lightweight GPS device designed to help you locate cars and protect loved ones. This GPS locator is ideal for keeping track of a personal car, kids, or valuable assets. The GL300 GPS tracker design is slim and small, and can easily be attached to a vehicle using the waterproof case. Therefore, you can use it for covert tracking without getting noticed!

Features and Qualities

This GPS tracker for vehicle surveillance sends lightning-fast real-time location information via 4G LTE. It comes with a watertight magnetic enclosure to make installation easier. It also keeps the item dry and free of rust. The Amcrest GPS tracker’s rechargeable battery may last up to 10-14 days on one-minute updates. You can reduce the frequency of reports to extend the battery life even further.

Learn more about this GPS tracking system when youCLICK HERE!

Price:Amcrest is $44.95 and requires a subscription plan for $34.99 for 5-second alerts.


  • Size: 3” x 1.5” x 1”
  • Battery type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 2600 mAh
  • Weight: 3.52 Oz
  • 10-12 days active battery life
  • Two weeks battery life on sleep mode



  • Motion And SOS Alarm

  • Intelligent Battery Alerts

  • Supports Up To 20 Geofences

7. Family 1st – Affordable GPS Tracking Devices For Cars

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (8)

Family1st GPS realtime location trackers are one of the top-selling brands on Amazon. As a result, this car GPS system for tracking is included on this list. A separate magnetic enclosure is available from the company so you can securely monitor vehicles, assets, or hidden vehicles. But the company does take 24-48 hours to respond to technical support questions which are significantly slower than companies such as Brickhouse Security or LandAirSea.

Features and Qualities

You can monitor practically anything, anytime, from anywhere, with this real-time GPS tracker. It has a best-in-class battery that can last up to two weeks after a one-minute update. Furthermore, it may go up to 6 months in sleep mode.

It is a cost-effective option that can be purchased for $28.95. The device is designed to need minimum maintenance while providing optimum security. It also assures the most affordable monthly membership prices on the market. Therefore, you will not need to spend money to feel secure.

What if you run into problems after buying the GPS tracker? Well, Family1st offers a helpful tech support team to assist you with any issue.

Learn more about this GPS tracking system when youCLICK HERE!

Price:The equipment costs $28.95, and the monthly membership fees start at just $19.95.


  • Size: 2.8” x 1.8” x 1.1”
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Battery: 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Weight: 3.60 Oz
  • Two weeks of active battery life with a 1-minute update
  • Six months of sleep mode battery life at one update per day



  • Low Device Cost With No Contracts

  • GPS Systems Backed With Lifetime Warranty

  • Affordable Monthly Subscription Plan

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8. Optimus 2.0 – Best Mini Tracker Device

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (9)

Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker has a magnetic casing that allows you to watch your family members and possessions remotely from your iPhone or Android device. This real time portable car tracking device can assist parents if they have an active teen or a dangerous driver in their home.

Features and Qualities

A neodymium magnet is used in the magnetic casing for this GPS tracker. It is thought to be the strongest magnet on the market. As a result, you may relax after putting the device beneath your automobile or any car. It’s also waterproof and resistant to water. Therefore, you can stop worrying about the gadget even if you wash your car.

The gadget is only 3 inches tall and lightweight. When the device is not in use, an inbuilt motion sensor will turn it off. The tracker covers the United States and Canada. As a result, you can take it with you when visiting these territories. Your relatives can stay in touch with your whereabouts.

If you have one, you may use this GPS tracker to keep an eye on your teenager’s driving habits. The tracker will send you an alarm when it senses that the car is above the predetermined speed restriction.

Learn more about this tracker for vehicles, cars, or assets when youCLICK HERE!

Price:Hardware starts at $39.95, with subscription service fees beginning at $19.95.


  • Size: 3″ x 1.5″ x 1″
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Weight: 3.3 Oz
  • Two weeks of active battery life with 1-minute updates



  • Low Monthly Subscription Cost

  • Alerts For Geofences, Low Battery, SOS, And More

  • Google Maps Integration

9. Americaloc – Most Versatile Personal GPS Tracker

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (10)

Americaloc is a company that offers both OBD GPS trackersolutions and portable surveillance gadgets. You can use the 4G cellular-powered locator to track vehicles, property, families, or workers, among other things. Americaloc GPS tracker is small enough to fit in a handbag, pocket, bag, or box, but you also have the option to purchase the magnetic enclosure to attach the device outside the car.

Features and Qualities

Americaloc’sbattery pack may last for up to 14 days on one-minute refreshes. Every minute, the tracker gives you an update on the target’s real time location (monthly subscription required). As a result, no historical information will be lost. The device notifies you of all activities, such as motion stops, low battery geofences, etc.

Furthermore, it works well in North America. Even if you want it to run in another nation, you may contact their customer service for a free replacement sim card. A specialized mobile application is part of the deal. You can easily get this app for your iPhone or Android phone.

Learn more about this realtime tracking for vehicle surveillance tool when youCLICK HERE!

Price: Americaloccosts $100, with monthly service fees starting at $25.00


  • Size: 7” x 1.51” x 0.92”
  • Battery type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight:24 Oz
  • 14 days of battery life on one-minute updates



  • Keeps History Up To 1 Year

  • Works As A Wired Or Wireless GPS Tracker

  • 14 Days Of Battery Life On One-Minute Updates

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10. Tracki – Most Affordable Mini GPS Tracker

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (11)

Do you frequently travel and are looking for a real-time portable GPS tracker with global coverage? If you said yes, then the Tracki and its accessory strong magnetic case are all you need. Thanks to its International GSM Sim card, the Tracki GPS tracker features unlimited distance with its global footprint and affordable cost for monthly subscription plans.

Features and Qualities

The device is small and light. It is, therefore, suitable for travel. So remember to have this in your travel pack the next time you go anywhere. It will allow your loved ones to receive real-time location information while providing you with peace of mind.

A watertight magnetic box is included. As a result, you may safely use this GPS tracker outside your car. With monitoring every 1 to 5 minutes, it includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 days.

Several functions, including an SOS button, low battery, speeding, and motion warnings, are available through in-app notification, SMS, or email with this device. What happens if you misplace or break this device? Don’t be concerned. A lifetime warranty is included.

Learn more about this hidden GPS tracker when youCLICK HERE!

Price: Tracki GPS devices cost $28.88, with subscription service rates starting at $19.95


  • Size: 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6”
  • Battery: 3500 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery Type: ‎1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight: 1.26 Oz
  • Five days of active battery life with 1-5 minutes updates



  • Unlimited Distance Real-Time Tracking

  • Panic SOS Button Plus 2 Extra Security Buttons

  • Stores Historical Data Up to Five Years

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Some other top magnet GPS trackers that barely missed our top 10 list but we would recommend you do your own research on include:

  • Vyncs 4G Cellular GPS
  • GPS Tracker TKStar
  • Live Trac PT-10
  • LandAirSea 54 4G GPS Tracker
  • IntelTrack Bolt 2x
  • Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker
  • LandAirSea SilverCloud

10 Best Magnet GPS Trackers (Buyer's Guide 2023) (12)

Key Features Of Magnet-Mounted GPS Devices

  • GPS captures location-based data and stores it for over a year.
  • The compact size of Mini GPS offers an element of covert placement.
  • Built with an exterior magnetic mount for easy outside placement on the target vehicle.
  • Multiple options for viewing recorded GPS data that include Google Earth satellite images.
  • Powerful magnet mount so car tracker never falls off the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Magnets Affect GPS Tracking Devices?

Mini GPS vehicle trackers are designed with highly sensitive internal antennas that make it easy to pick up low-level or weak GPS signals. Although concrete, metal, and yes even magnets can block GPS signals, today’s GPS vehicle trackers are engineered can pick up signals that reflect off the ground. That means the metal on the vehicle and the mounted magnet will not interfere with GPS reception!

What Are Magnetic GPS Trackers?

A magnetic GPS tracker is simple to install on your car, truck, or other equipment. A GPS tracker might have a built-in magnet or a magnetic casing. The magnet is strong and long-lasting, and it does not readily wear out. Furthermore, they will not fall if properly positioned, regardless of how difficult the terrain is or how fast you travel.

How Can You Attach a Magnetic GPS Tracker?

GPS trackers are the latest technological wonder. They’re useful for keeping track of your family members, automobiles, and personal possessions. However, if they are not properly installed, they will be lost or destroyed. We understand you don’t want this to happen because you’ve put a lot of money into it. So, let’s talk about how to attach them properly.

GPS trackers are simple to install beneath your car. All you need is to crouch and look around where you want to place the magnetic GPS tracker. Now, place the GPS tracker on the metal’s smooth surface. Keep it away from the engine compartment and the exhaust pipe. Pull it in all directions to ensure the tracker is still intact.

What Are the Core Advantages of Magnetic GPS Trackers?

There are various reasons why magnetic GPS trackers are preferable to others. Let’s take a look at each magnetic GPS tracker individually.

Easy Installation Process:Attaching magnetic GPS trackers takes only a few seconds. You will not require any expert assistance or lessons. You only need to follow a few basic steps.

Compatibility:You may use the tracker one day to monitor your automobile and the following day to track your stuff. This GPS tracker is compatible with all devices. Furthermore, dismounting the gadget from one vehicle and attaching it to another takes only seconds.

Internal Lit-Ion Battery Power:Internal lit-ion batteries are used in magnetic GPS trackers. They usually have a long battery life, lasting several days or weeks. The battery life varies depending on the brand. So, before you select, make sure you examine the battery life.

Discreet Tracking:Imagine your child has just turned 18 and has been given the keys. You have no option but to be concerned once your teenager leaves the house. You can’t just install any tracker since they’ll scream about their privacy. Magnetic GPS trackers can assist you in such a case. You may purchase a suitable magnetic GPS track, conceal it beneath the car and monitor their driving habits.

Real-Time Location Tracking:Car rentals, taxi companies, delivery companies, and other similar enterprises benefit from magnetic GPS trackers. They are simple to install and difficult to detect. You may even use the GPS tracker to follow one automobile one day and another the next. It also has real-time tracking capabilities. As a result, the next time you rent a vehicle, you’ll be able to track it no matter where it is. It lowers the likelihood of danger or theft.

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We hope you discovered the magnetic GPS tracker of your personal or business dreams on our list. However, before making a choice, remember to consider the features, pricing, and monthly subscription fees. Also, compare the vehicle tracking devices to your specifications and demands. An excellent GPS gadget will meet all of your requirements at the lowest possible cost.Tracking System Directunderstands firsthand the needs of businesses, private investigators, and police agencies who are all in need of “the best magnet GPS tracker on the market“. Nobody has spent more time researching, testing, and evaluating magnetic tracking devices than the Southern California surveillance company, and after countless hours tinkering with hardware, software, and of web-interfaces of the world’s most popular asset trackers, the fleet tracking experts believe that the best magnetic GPS tracker for cars is LandAirSea GPS!


  • 10 Best Magnetic Mini GPS Trackers
    • 1. LandAirSea – Best Overall Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracking Device
    • 2. Everlast GPS Tracking Device – Best With Powerful Magnet
    • 3. Driving Activity Reporter – Best With No Monthly Fees
    • 4. Spark Nano 7 – Best Micro GPS With SOS Buttons
    • 5. Spy Tec GL300 – Amazon Best Selling Magnet GPS Tracker
    • 6. Amcrest GL300 – Portable GPS Tracker For Parents
    • 7. Family 1st – Affordable GPS Tracking Devices For Cars
    • 8. Optimus 2.0 – Best Mini Tracker Device
    • 9. Americaloc – Most Versatile Personal GPS Tracker
    • 10. Tracki – Most Affordable Mini GPS Tracker
      • Key Features Of Magnet-Mounted GPS Devices
      • Frequently Asked Questions
        • Do Magnets Affect GPS Tracking Devices?
        • What Are Magnetic GPS Trackers?
        • How Can You Attach a Magnetic GPS Tracker?
      • What Are the Core Advantages of Magnetic GPS Trackers?
          • Conclusion


Which one is the best GPS tracker? ›

Here are the top GPS trackers for 2023
  • Vyncs GPS Tracker. : Best for long-term tracking.
  • MOTOsafety GPS Tracker. : Best for new drivers.
  • Bouncie. : Best for vehicle maintenance.
  • SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker. : Best portable tracker.
  • Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker. : Honorable mention.
Jan 26, 2023

Where is the best place to put a magnetic GPS tracker on a car? ›

Under the Seat:Placing a tracker under the driver's or passenger's seat is one of the easiest ways to monitor a vehicle without getting caught. Few people check under their seats, so this location provides peace of mind, as well as accurate GPS readings.

What makes a good GPS tracker? ›

Expert Advice: Various factors need to be kept in mind when you plan to buy a GPS tracker for your requirements, and these factors include real-time updates, waterproofing, encryption, reports, and cloud-based access.

Where do you hide a magnetic GPS tracker on a car? ›

The Best Places To Hide a GPS Tracker in Your Car
  • Inside a Door Panel. Most thieves never think to take off the door panels and look for GPS devices. ...
  • On the Undercarriage. ...
  • The OBD-II Port. ...
  • Inside a Brake Light. ...
  • Inside a Seat Cushion.
Aug 3, 2022

Is there something better than GPS? ›

A new hybrid optical-wireless network has been developed for navigation that is far more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings. Researchers have developed an alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings.

What is the longest range GPS tracker? ›

What GPS tracker has the longest range? Our pick for the longest range is the LandAirSea 54. It also has a battery life of up to six months.

Does having a tracker reduce car insurance? ›

Reducing the risk of theft through an advanced vehicle tracker means an insurance company is less likely to have to pay out for a stolen vehicle and could therefore potentially offer a discount on your premium.

Can you put a GPS tracker on a car without them knowing? ›

It is an offense for a person to knowingly install, conceal, or otherwise place or use an electronic tracking device in or on a motor vehicle without the consent of the operator and all occupants of the vehicle for the purpose of monitoring or following the operator, occupant, or occupants of the vehicle.

What blocks a GPS tracker? ›

So can a GPS tracker be blocked? Yes, the GPS signals can be blocked by wet trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, or even a tin box filled with thick materials can block GPS signals.

What is the difference between a GPS and a tracker? ›

The GPS navigation will navigate you to your desired point. No matter where you live on the globe, GPS navigation will work. If you want to reach a destination but you don't know how to get there then GPS navigation can take you to your destination. The GPS tracker will simply track your current location or movements.

Can a cell phone detect a GPS tracker? ›

Yes, there are many apps that can detect if a GPS tracker has been installed on your cell phone. If you have an Android phone you can download Certo Mobile Security for free from the Play Store and quickly scan your phone for GPS tracking apps and other malware.

Can car thieves disable tracker? ›

It's worth noting that the Monitor system doesn't come with its own app. Should it need to be located, this can only be done by Tracker's own control room and the Police themselves. Whilst it can be disconcerting to think of your vehicle being stolen, it's worth noting that most thieves won't try and block the signal.

How do you check if there is a tracker in my car? ›

Inspect the OBD port to see if the tracker is plugged in.

The most common location for a GPS tracker in the interior of a vehicle is the OBD port, since the tracker can power itself using your vehicle. These trackers also tend to be very accurate, since they get access to OBD data.

Is it worth putting a tracker to my car? ›

Having a tracking device installed in your car is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of protecting it from crime. Although they can be quite expensive, these devices will lower your insurance premiums and could save you a huge amount of hassle, in the long run, if your vehicle is stolen.

What is the new system to replace GPS? ›

According to ScienceAlert, researchers have developed a new and improved technology that could eventually replace GPS in some scenarios. Called SuperGPS, it's accurate to within 10 centimetres (or 3.9 inches) and doesn't rely on navigation satellite systems.

What is the new GPS replacement technology? ›

Called SuperGPS, it's accurate within 10 centimeters (or 3.9 inches) and doesn't rely on navigation satellite systems. The new approach makes use of networks similar to cell networks, but instead of streaming data to our phones the network gets a precise fix on the device.

What is the new alternative of GPS? ›

GPS caters to users across the globe and its satellites circle the earth twice a day, while NavIC is currently for use in India and adjacent areas. Like GPS, there are three more navigation systems that have global coverage - Galileo from the European Union, Russia-owned GLONASS and China's Beidou.

Can police track a GPS tracker? ›

The police can install and set up the tracking device without your knowledge and only must notify you that you were tracked by a GPS device within 10 days after the tracking period ends.

How far can you track a GPS tracker? ›

The technology implemented in GPS tracking devices is so unique and advanced that it can provide you with the exact location of up to 10 meters. Some high-end devices can offer better precision and are accurate up to 1 meter.

Can you jam a GPS tracker? ›

Can GPS be jammed? Yes, and without much difficulty. GPS jamming is a relatively uncomplicated technique that simply involves producing an RF signal strong enough to drown out the transmissions from GPS satellites.

Do all car GPS trackers have monthly fee? ›

A GPS tracker is one of the advanced tools that help in tracking cars, assets, pets, and people. Unfortunately, most GPS trackers require monthly subscription fees. It can be too costly for some people to pay the fees. It's prudent for them to buy the best GPS trackers with no monthly fee.

Can you block a vehicle tracker? ›

VHF (Very High Frequency) technology is an undetectable tracking frequency that CANNOT be jammed or blocked by any equipment thieves might be using. This means that, even if thieves are able to compromise both the GPS and GSM tracking capabilities, the countermeasures of VHF means that your vehicle is still trackable.

Does a tracker drain a car battery? ›

Contrary to common belief, a car GPS tracker does not drain the battery of your vehicle. However, most people think that if their car battery is rapidly depleting, it is unlikely that the car tracker is to blame. The truth is that the GPS tracker should be the very last thing on your mind.

Can a GPS tracker work without WiFi? ›

Yes, GPS works because it is completely independent of any WiFi or Cellular data connection. A GPS is just a radio that receives location data from satellites, so its radio is separate from any WiFi, Cellular, or Bluetooth radio. Pre-loaded maps need no internet connection to work.

What is the easiest way to track a vehicle? ›

The Best Way to Track a Car is with a GPS Tracking Device.

GPS Trackers are small, portable devices that allow a car owner to monitor and locate their car when needed. They also have the potential to offer instant location, speed, and direction data.

Is there an app that can detect a tracking device? ›

GPScanner salvages you. Through the app you scan surrounding and get notifications of all Bluetooth trackers not paired with your phone. Keep the app open and know which of those devices are accompanying you.

Can aluminum foil block GPS? ›

“Offenders have learned that wrapping the GPS device in aluminum foil can make the GPS tracking points untraceable and disappear.” School science demonstrations show how foil can block radio waves and silence radios.

What can jam a GPS signal? ›

Any electrically conductive metal will reflect and absorb the device's incoming and outgoing signals and interfere with its operation. Wrapping a GPS tracker in aluminum foil is enough to do the job—although copper and even silver work as well. This is an incredibly cheap and easy method of GPS jamming.

Can a magnet disable a GPS tracker? ›

Your question: “Do magnets affect GPS?” No. The GPS satellites are thousands of kilometers away from you in Earth orbit and are unaffected by any magnet you may have on you.

Can a GPS tracker be wrong? ›

How accurate is GPS? It depends. GPS satellites broadcast their signals in space with a certain accuracy, but what you receive depends on additional factors, including satellite geometry, signal blockage, atmospheric conditions, and receiver design features/quality.

What is the smallest tracking device? ›

Answer: The smallest GPS tracker device is 10x10x5. 8mm (0.4×0.4×0.2 inch). The small size of the tracker means it can track almost any type of valuables.

Can you put a GPS tracker on someone's phone without them knowing? ›

Answer: Yes, there are apps that track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free. We also have premium apps that offer a free plan to users with limited features.

How do I block my phone from being tracked? ›

Turn off location services (iOS and Android)
  1. Go to Settings > Privacy and tap Location Services.
  2. You can toggle off Location Services for all apps or scroll down and turn off location services only for specific apps.
  3. Go to Settings > Location, and toggle the location button to Off.
Nov 4, 2022

How can you tell if someone is tracking you? ›

Look for these common signs that your device is being monitored or may be hacked by spyware.
  • Increased data usage. ...
  • Charged battery drains rapidly. ...
  • New, unknown apps on your device. ...
  • Phone works slower than usual. ...
  • Phone freezes or abruptly turns off. ...
  • Background noises in calls. ...
  • Battery runs hot. ...
  • Coded text messages.
Feb 10, 2022

What do I dial to see if my phone is being monitored? ›

What is the code to check if your phone is being monitored? Use the code *#21# to see if hackers track your phone with malicious intent. You can also use this code to verify if your calls, messages, or other data are being diverted.

What is better than LoJack? ›

Is there a LoJack Alternative? Yes! Actually, the LoneStar Tracking system is less expensive, has better coverage and has more features.

How do I stop thieves scanning my car keys? ›

By storing your car keys, fob or card in an aluminium tin (even grandma's old biscuit tins), or a special signal blocking box, the signal between the car and key is blocked. This means thieves can't intercept it and clone a new one. If you're out and about, then a Faraday pouch is your best friend.

How long can a GPS tracker last on car? ›

The battery life of the GPS tracker varies from one to another. But on average, a GPS device can also last up to 6-12 months without active tracking.

Can an Airtag track a car? ›

When it comes to GPS tracker for car, AirTags are not compatible at all. Tracking a car is entirely different from tracking lost things around your house or neighborhood. Car moves fast and keeps on moving but your AirTags will take a considerable amount of time to update the location.

How can I track a GPS without them knowing? ›

Following are the Best Apps to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing:
  1. mSpy – Best for Android & iOS Devices.
  2. uMobix – Best for Kid's Social Media Monitoring & Tracking.
  3. ClevGuard – Best Overall.
  4. Hoverwatch – Best for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  5. FlexiSpy – Best for Employee Monitoring.
Feb 11, 2023

Do GPS trackers work without cell service? ›

Yes, GPS works because it is completely independent of any WiFi or Cellular data connection. A GPS is just a radio that receives location data from satellites, so its radio is separate from any WiFi, Cellular, or Bluetooth radio.

What can block a GPS tracker? ›

So can a GPS tracker be blocked? Yes, the GPS signals can be blocked by wet trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, or even a tin box filled with thick materials can block GPS signals.

How far away do AirTags work? ›

What is Apple AirTag's range? AirTags need to be within about 33 feet of an iPhone or other device in the Find My network for its Bluetooth signal to register.

How far can an AirTag track a car? ›

What is the distance an individual AirTag can track with Bluetooth? Apple has not specified the exact Bluetooth range of an AirTag, but it's believed that each AirTag supports Bluetooth 5.0 (same as the latest iPhones), which means it should be trackable within 800 feet.

Where are AirTags hidden in cars? ›

Some have found them hidden behind license plates, inside bumpers and even attached to the undercarriage. In Atlanta, bodycam footage obtained by Inside Edition shows cops finding an AirTag inside a woman's gas tank.

How can I find someone's location by their cell phone number? ›

You can find someone's location by cell phone number using an app called Minspy. Minspy utilizes a technology known as “cell triangulation technology.” In this method, three cell phone towers triangulate the phone's location. This is generally used by phone network providers to track a phone number in real-time.


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