128 Shades of Brown Color With Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes (2023)

128 Shades of Brown Color With Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes (1)

Brown Shades

You may not think of brown as a very exciting color. After all, it’s the color of dirt, right? But when you startexploring the vast spectrum of brown shades available, you may be surprised by the variety of rich and vibrant hues out there. From cool to warm browns, and from light to dark, there is a favorite shade of brown out there for everyone. Here’s a long list of all the brown colors you can think of, including their names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.


Almond is a cool, light brown with a semi grayish hue. This color could also be classified in the gray or white family.

RGB 239, 222, 205
CMYK 0, 7, 14, 6


Auburn is a rich, reddish brown color with a leaning towards the red family. It is more brown than burgundy, but redder than burnt umber.

Hex #A52A2A
RGB 165, 42, 42
CMYK 0, 75, 75, 35


Beaver is a medium, grayish brown with a cool undertone. It is similar to, but cooler in tone than taupe.

Hex #9F8170
RGB 159, 129, 112
CMYK 0, 19, 30, 38


Beige is a very pale, tannish shade of brown. It is sometimes classified as a white, and is cooler in tone than tan.

Hex #F5F5DC
RGB 245, 245, 220
CMYK 0, 0, 10, 4


Bisque is a pale, creamy shade of brown with a similarity to sand. It can also be classified as a shade of white.

Hex #FFE4C4
RGB 255, 228, 196
CMYK 0, 11, 23, 0


Bistre is a very dark, semi cool shade of brown with similarities to dark brown and coffee, though darker than both of these shades.

Hex #3D2B1F
RGB 61, 43, 31
CMYK 0, 30, 49, 76


Bole is a medium to dark brown shade with a cool, reddish purple undertone. It is similar in hue to burgundy, but browner and more muted.

Hex #79443B
RGB 121, 68, 59
CMYK 0, 44, 51, 53


Bone is a very pale, grayish shade of brown with similarities to parchment and light gray.

Hex #E3DAC9
RGB 227, 218, 201
CMYK 0, 4, 11, 11


Brass is medium, warm brown with a strong yellowish tone and hints of green. The color brass resembles the color of the metal by the same name.

Hex #B5A642
RGB 181, 166, 66
CMYK 0, 8, 64, 29


Bronze is a medium, warm shade of brown with an orange tone. Similar to copper, but warmer in tone, bronze resembles the metal by the same name.

Hex #CD7F32
RGB 205, 127, 50
CMYK 0, 38, 76, 20

Burnt Umber

Burnt umber is a medium to dark shade of brown with a leaning towards a rich, dark red. It is a much warmer and redder shade of umber.

Burnt umber
Hex #8A3324
RGB 138, 51, 36
CMYK 0, 63, 74, 46

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe au lait is a light to medium brown shade similar to a dark beige or tan. It is reminiscent of the color of a latte, but slightly cooler in tone.

Cafe au lait
Hex #A67B5B
RGB 166, 123, 91
CMYK 0, 26, 45, 35

Cafe Noir

Cafe noir is a dark shade of brown similar to dark brown and coffee. Cafe noir is cooler in tone than dark brown.

Cafe noir
Hex #4B3621
RGB 75, 54, 33
CMYK 0, 28, 56, 71


Champagne is a light shade of brown that can also be classified as a shade of white. It is warmer in tone than beige and more saturated in color than bisque.

Hex #FAD6A5
RGB 250, 214, 165
CMYK 0, 14, 34, 2


Cinnamon is a medium, warm shade of brown with hints of yellowy orange. It is lighter and warmer in tone than the spice by the same name.

Hex #D2691E
RGB 210, 105, 30
CMYK 0, 50, 86, 18


Coffee is a dark, cool shade of brown with a somewhat grayish undertone. It is cooler than dark brown.

Hex #6F4E37
RGB 111, 78, 55
CMYK 0, 30, 50, 56

Deep Coffee

Deep coffee is a dark, cool shade of brown with a purplish red tone. It is darker and warmer in tone than coffee, but cooler than dark brown.

Deep coffee
Hex #704241
RGB 112, 66, 65
CMYK 0, 41, 42, 56


Copper is a medium, warm shade of brown with hints of soft orange. It is similar in color to the metal by the same name, but warmer and more muted.

Hex #B87333
RGB 184, 115, 51
CMYK 0, 38, 72, 28

Dark Brown

Dark brown is deep shade of brown with more similarity to the color of chocolate or coffee than the colors represented by those names.

Dark brown
Hex #654321
RGB 101, 67, 33
CMYK 0, 34, 67, 60


Taupe is a light to medium brown with a gray, earthy hue. It is similar to beaver, but warmer in tone.

Hex #483C32
RGB 72, 60, 50
CMYK 0, 17, 31, 72


Tan is a light shade of brown with similarities to beige and sand. It is warmer in tone than beige and cooler than sand.

Hex #D2B48C
RGB 210, 180, 140
CMYK 0, 14, 33, 18


Chestnut is a medium shade of brown with a pinky red tone. It is similar in color to the fruit of a chestnut tree, but paler and leaning more towards red.

Hex #CD5C5C
RGB 205, 92, 92
CMYK 0, 55, 55, 20


Sand is a light, cool shade of brown that is similar to bisque, but cooler in tone. Sand is similar in color to the sands of some beaches.

Hex #F6D7B0
RGB 246, 215, 176
CMYK 0, 13, 28, 4


Ecru is a light shade of brown with a cool, pale yellow undertone. It is similar in color to sand, but warmer in hue.

Hex #C2B280
RGB 194, 178, 128
CMYK 0, 8, 34, 24


Fawn is a light, warm shade of brown with a bright, peachy orange tone. It is similar in color to the shell of a brown chicken egg.

Hex #E5AA70
RGB 229, 170, 112
CMYK 0, 26, 51, 10


Ginger is a warm, medium brown with a rich gold tone. It is similar in color to the spice of the same name, but a little warmer and lighter.

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Hex #B06500
RGB 176, 101, 0
CMYK 0, 43, 100, 31

Golden Brown

Golden brown is a medium to dark warm shade of brown with a hint of cool, natural gold. It is similar to ginger, but a little paler and cooler.

Golden brown
Hex #996515
RGB 153, 101, 21
CMYK 0, 34, 86, 40


Khaki is a light shade of brown similar in color to the fabric of the same name that is often used for men’s trousers. It can be compared to tan, but it is cooler in tone.

Hex #C3B091
RGB 195, 176, 145
CMYK 0, 10, 26, 24


Mahogany is a deep, rich shade of medium brown with a warm, reddish tone. It is similar to cinnamon, but darker and warmer.

Hex #C04000
RGB 192, 64, 0
CMYK 0, 67, 100, 25


Ochre is a warm, medium shade of brown with a soft, yellowish undertone. It is similar in color to bronze, but with a more earthy orange tone.

Hex #CC7722
RGB 204, 119, 34
CMYK 0, 42, 83, 20

Light Brown

Light brown is a medium shade of brown with a soft, warm undertone. It is similar in color to ochre, but a little darker.

Light brown
Hex #B5651D
RGB 181, 101, 29
CMYK 0, 44, 84, 29

Saddle Brown

Saddle brown is a dark, warm shade of brown. It is similar in color to russet, but a little lighter and warmer.

Saddle brown
Hex #8B4513
RGB 139, 69, 19
CMYK 0, 50, 86, 45


Wheat is a light shade of brown that can also be classified as a white. It is similar in color to bisque, but a little darker and warmer. It is more peach in tone than the kernels of the wheat plant.

Hex #F5DEB3
RGB 245, 222, 179
CMYK 0, 9, 27, 4


Russet is a dark shade of brown with similarities to saddle brown, but a little darker and cooler. Russet also has a little hint of a red undertone.

Hex #80461B
RGB 128, 70, 27
CMYK 0, 45, 79, 50


Rust is a medium, warm reddish shade of brown with a similarity to the color of rusted metal. It resembles the hue of bronze, but it is richer and redder.

Hex #B7410E
RGB 183, 65, 14
CMYK 0, 64, 92, 28


Sepia is a dark shade of brown that represents the color of the ink used in old sepia print photographs. It is similar to dark brown, but a little warmer in tone.

Hex #704214
RGB 112, 66, 20
CMYK 0, 41, 82, 56


Sienna is a dark, reddish shade of brown with similarities to russet and mahogany. It is also closer in color to the fruit of the chestnut tree than the color chestnut.

Hex #A0522D
RGB 160, 82, 45
CMYK 0, 49, 72, 37

Antique Brass

Antique brass is a soft, light shade of brown with a similarity to bisque, but darker. Antique brass is a cooler tone than brass and leans a little towards peach.

Antique brass
Hex #CD9575
RGB 205, 149, 117
CMYK 0, 27, 43, 20


Burlywood is a very pale, warm shade of brown with similarities to bisque and desert sand. It is a little more peach in hue than tan.

Hex #DEB887
RGB 222, 184, 135
CMYK 0, 17, 39, 13


Peru is a light to medium brown with a warm tone. It is similar in color to cinnamon, but lighter and a little less orange in undertone.

Hex #CD853F
RGB 205, 133, 63
CMYK 0, 35, 69, 20


Tumbleweed is a light shade of brown with similarities to beige or bisque. It is cooler and more orange in tone than tan.

Hex #DEAA88
RGB 222, 170, 136
CMYK 0, 23, 39, 13

Dark Vanilla

Dark vanilla is a light, grayish shade of brown with similarities to taupe and sand. It can also be classified as a gray or a white.

Dark vanilla
Hex #D1BEA8
RGB 209, 190, 168
CMYK 0, 9, 20, 18

Tuscan Brown

Tuscan brown is a dark shade of brown with a cool tone. It is similar in color to dark brown but cooler and with hints of gray.

Tuscan brown
Hex #6F4E37
RGB 111, 78, 55
CMYK 0, 30, 50, 56

Wood Brown

Wood brown is a light to medium shade of brown similar in shade to light colored hardwood floors. It is similar in color to fawn but with a cooler tone.

Wood brown
Hex #C19A6B
RGB 193, 154, 107
CMYK 0, 20, 45, 24


Deer is a light to medium shade of brown with a strong similarity to tan. It is also similar in color to taupe, but warmer in tone.

Hex #BA8759
RGB 186, 135, 89
CMYK 0, 27, 52, 27


Chamoisee is a light shade of brown with similarities to beaver, but warmer in tone. It could also be described as a warmer shade of taupe.

Hex #A0785A
RGB 160, 120, 90
CMYK 0, 25, 44, 37


Dirt is a medium, cool shade of brown that is similar to chamoisee. It can also be described as a tan that is darker in color and grayer in tone.

Hex #9B7653
RGB 155, 118, 83
CMYK 0, 24, 46, 39


Coconut is a medium shade of brown with similarities to chamoisee but warmer in tone. It is lighter in color and cooler in tone than the color of a coconut shell.

Hex #965A3E
RGB 150, 90, 62
CMYK 0, 40, 59, 41

Windsor Tan

Windsor tan is a warm, medium shade of brown that is similar in color to light brown, but much darker and richer.

Windsor tan
Hex #A75502
RGB 167, 85, 2
CMYK 0, 49, 99, 35


Rufous is a dark, reddish shade of brown. It is similar to auburn, but without the purplish undertone.

Hex #A81C07
RGB 168, 28, 7
CMYK 0, 83, 96, 34


An acorn is the nut or fruit of several different varieties of oak tree, usually found lying around the tree’s base. Whether they’re used to make flour or just useful for decorations, the soft brown and gentle red undertones of these little kernels make them a perfect descriptor for the shade of brown that bears their name.

Hex #D7A98C
RGB 215, 169, 140
CMYK 0, 21, 35, 16

Ash Brown

This particular shade of brown may seem like an odd choice for the “ash” name, as it doesn’t look nearly gray enough to resemble the ash from a fire. However, Ash Brown is actually named after the wood of the ash tree, which has a bright reddish brown or reddish green tint to its branches and bark.

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Ash Brown
Hex #98623C
RGB 152, 98, 60
CMYK 0, 36, 61, 40

Ash Gray

Related to the previous entry, Ash Gray looks a little bit more like the ash from a fire, but its name is still derived from its resemblance to the bark of the ash tree. In contrast to Ash Brown, however, Ash Gray has a noticeably cooler tint to it, and the end result is a grayish brown.

Ash Gray
Hex #C1B5A9
RGB 193, 181, 169
CMYK 0, 6, 12, 24

Ash White

The last in the “ashen” family of colors, Ash White is closely related to Ash Brown and Ash Gray. Like Ash Gray, this color seems closer to fireplace soot, but the muted red undertones link it to the color of the trees as well as to the white seed pods that the tree often generates.

Ash White
Hex #E9E4D4
RGB 233, 228, 212
CMYK 0, 2, 9, 9

Baked Bread

If you’ve found yourself experimenting with baking recently, then you’re probably already pretty familiar with this particular shade. Baked Bread is a soft golden brown color with a slightly duller overtone. It’s meant to remind viewers of the warmth and comfort that goes hand in hand with pulling a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven.

Baked Bread
RGB 218, 203, 169
CMYK 0, 7, 22, 15

Baked Potato

Similar to Baked Bread, Baked Potato is another shade of brown that very clearly draws inspiration from a particular food item. Unlike Baked Bread, however, Baked Potato is a slightly darker shade with some earthy undertones. The end result is a color that evokes the crispy outer jacket of a freshly baked potato.

Baked Potato
Hex #B69E87
RGB 182, 158, 135
CMYK 0, 13, 26, 29


When they’re still attached to the root, bamboo stalks can be green, red, or even black in color. However, when most of us think of bamboo, we picture the distinctive pale tan color that bamboo takes on after it has been harvested and dried. It’s that same characteristic color that ultimately gives Bamboo brown its name.

Hex #E3DEC6
RGB 227, 222, 198
CMYK 0, 2, 13, 11


As we’ve already seen, the bark of a tree can come in a wide range of colors from pale ashen white to a brown so dark that it almost looks black. Bark brown takes the average of all those colors in order to produce a shade that wouldn’t look out of place on any first sketch of a tree.

Hex #996633
RGB 153, 102, 51
CMYK 0, 33, 67, 40


Often considered to be the first plastic, beeswax has been used by artists, craftsmen, and candle-makers since before written history. It’s technically edible, but it’s most often used in cosmetics or to make other declarative objects. Its pale yellow-brown hue is echoed in the appearance of the appropriately-named Beeswax brown.

Hex #E9D7AB
RGB 233, 215, 171
CMYK 0, 8, 27, 9

Beige Linen

Like beeswax, linen is one of the oldest materials used around the world, with linen cloth samples dating back nearly 30,000 years. While new linen has a crisp, white color, older linen fabric may take on a pale tan or beige color. Beige Linen brown is a reflection of that slightly faded quality.

Beige Linen
Hex #E2DAC6
RGB 226, 218, 198
CMYK 0, 4, 12, 11


If you’ve ever opened up a bag of birdseed in order to hang a feeder in your backyard, you already know that birdseed tends to be a mix of various seeds and nuts and therefore has no single color. However, Birdseed brown calls to mind the sunflower seeds and other light or golden brown seeds found within the mixture.

Hex #E2C28E
RGB 226, 194, 142
CMYK 0, 14, 37, 11

Bitter Chocolate

When we think of chocolate, we tend to think of either the warm brown of milk chocolate or the deep, rich color of dark chocolate. Bitter Chocolate brown straddles the line between the two shades, with all of the brightness of milk chocolate and a slightly cooler undertone to suggest the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Bitter Chocolate
Hex #9E5B40
RGB 158, 91, 64
CMYK 0, 42, 59, 38


Brandy may not be as popular today as it was before the rise of Transatlantic trade, but it still reserves a spot in history as a rich, highly concentrated spirit that’s best served warm on a cold night. Brandy brown is a little bit brighter than the dark hue of its liquid namesake, but it captures some of that same wintery warmth and cheer.

Hex #DCB68A
RGB 220, 182, 138
CMYK 0, 17, 37, 14

Brown Bear

Found across Europe, Asia, and North America, the brown bear is the largest of any bear species and has long been revered as a powerful hunter and predator. Brown Bear brown captures all of the strength and energy of these animals without nearly as much danger, resulting in a bright red-brown shade.

Brown Bear
Hex #7F6244
RGB 127, 98, 68
CMYK 0, 23, 46, 50

Brown Beige

The wordbeigewas originally derived from the French word for the natural color of a sheep’s wool. As a result, while there’s no one “true” beige, most shades of beige tend to have a yellow or ivory undertone. Brown Beige takes those yellow undertones and combines them with a traditional brown shade for a vibrant overall color.

Brown Beige
Hex #CC8833
RGB 204, 136, 51
CMYK 0, 33, 75, 20

Brown Coffee

If you’re the kind of person who takes their coffee “black”, then this shade is the perfect match for you. Brown Coffee is several shades darker than most “coffee brown” colors, and the end result is a shade of brown that’s a little bit deeper, richer, and more dramatic than its typical counterparts.

Brown Coffee
Hex #4A2C2A
RGB 74, 44, 42
CMYK 0, 41, 43, 71

Brown Gray

Not to be confused with Grayish Brown or even Gray Brown, Brown Gray is a blend of two closely related colors. The main difference between Brown Gray and the other two shades is that Brown Gray is brown first, with only a slightly muted cast as a result of its gray undertones.

Brown Gray
Hex #8D8468
RGB 141, 132, 104
CMYK 0, 6, 26, 45

Brown Metal

In theory, Brown Metal should be similar in color to Brown Rust, which shows up later on this list. In application, however, Brown Metal reflects the pale brown metallic sheen that matches its name a little bit more closely. Some varieties of stainless steel will often take on a gray-brown hue that very closely resembles this shade of brown.

Brown Metal
RGB 187, 173, 161
CMYK 0, 7, 14, 27

Brown Red

Brown Red manages to straddle the line between brown and red without going too far in either direction. While it certainly has a higher red value than some of the other entries on this list, the yellow and “key” or black values are pushed higher as well to balance out the otherwise aggressive color.

Brown Red
Hex #922B05
RGB 146, 43, 5
CMYK 0, 71, 97, 43

Brown Rust

When compared to Brown Metal, Brown Rust looks a lot more like Brown Red than any other color. Rust is the natural product of a reaction between iron, oxygen, and water, so it’s hardly a surprise that this bright color is one of the most common shades of reddish brown found in multiple places around the world.

Brown Rust
Hex #AF593E
RGB 175, 89, 62
CMYK 0, 49, 65, 31

Brown Stone

When you hear the words “brown stone”, you may picture the classical construction style found in buildings throughout the United States and Northern Europe. When it’s used to describe a color, however, Brown Stone actually refers to the deep, rich shade that can be found in a wide range of rocks and pebbles across the planet.

Brown Stone
Hex #593C39
RGB 89, 60, 57
CMYK 0, 33, 36, 65

Brown Sugar

The main difference between brown sugar and any other type of sugar is due to one main ingredient: molasses. While white or purified sugars are treated and refined until they’re practically colorless, brown sugar retains some of the richer, almost smokier flavor of molasses. This also provides the characteristic color that’s echoed here in Brown Sugar brown.

Brown Sugar
Hex #A17249
RGB 161, 114, 73
CMYK 0, 29, 55, 37


Brownies have been around for more than a hundred years, even if there’s some debate over who the first brownie baker truly was. Today, they’re a popular offering at restaurants, cafes, and at-home parties alike. As a color, Brownie is a dark brown shade with brighter red notes that convey some of the warmth and sweetness of the baked treat.

Hex #964B00
RGB 150, 75, 0
CMYK 0, 50, 100, 41

Brownish Gray

It may sound awfully similar to Brown Gray, butBrownishGray veers more towards the gray side of the spectrum than the brown side. The end result is a calming, neutral shade of gray-brown that’s long been a popular choice for interior decorators and fashion designers alike.

Brownish Gray
Hex #86775F
RGB 134, 119, 95
CMYK 0, 11, 29, 47

Brownish Red

Much like Brownish Gray, Brownish Red is essentially a “pure” color that’s been tinted with some shade of brown to create a new color combination. In this case, a bright, vivid red is muted slightly by the brown undertones, which creates an overall color that looks a little bit earthier or more historic than plain red would have appeared on its own.

Brownish Red
Hex #9E3623
RGB 158, 54, 35
CMYK 0, 66, 78, 38

Burnt Almond

Depending on the time of year, you may have tried your hand at roasting almonds in your oven or even in a fireplace. Regardless of the weather, roasted almonds can be a hearty, healthy snack, and Burnt Almond reflects the color that the almonds will take on as they sizzle from the heat.

Burnt Almond
Hex #B0724A
RGB 176, 114, 74
CMYK 0, 35, 58, 31

Burnt Henna

Henna is one of the oldest dyes in the world. It has been used since antiquity throughout India, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Africa to color clothing, dye hair, and create beautifully intricate designs on the skin. Burnt Henna captures the vibrant red-brown color of this ancient dye that’s still being used today.

Burnt Henna
Hex #7E392F
RGB 126, 57, 47
CMYK 0, 55, 63, 51

Butter Toast

Today, we mostly consider toast and butter to be an easy breakfast food, but that wasn’t always the case. During the 15th and 16th centuries, toast was used to flavor drinks and then discarded. It wasn’t until more recent times that buttered toast became a staple of breakfast cuisine, and the Butter Toast color pays homage to this relatively new tradition.

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Butter Toast
Hex #D2AD84
RGB 210, 173, 132
CMYK 0, 18, 37, 18


As the name might suggest, the main ingredient in buttercream icing is just plain old butter. While buttercream icing can be dyed or tinted to take on just about any color imaginable, its purest form tends to be this pale yellowy brown color as a result of the butter and sugar mixture.

RGB 239, 224, 205
CMYK 0, 6, 14, 6

Buttery Brown

Related to the previous entry, it’s no secret that butter tends to have a pale yellow color in its simplest form. Buttery Brown is definitely more brown than yellow, but it carries a hint of that bright, sunshiny color to liven up what would otherwise be nothing more than a pale, muted brown.

Buttery Brown
RGB 241, 235, 218
CMYK 0, 2, 10, 5


The earliest use of the word “camel” to refer to a specific color appears in 1916. Since then, camel-colored coats, shirts, dresses, and bags have gone in and out of high fashion over the years. Regardless of what you think is “in” at the moment, Camel brown remains a warm shade of brown with a distinctly vintage feel to it.

Hex #C69F59
RGB 198, 159, 89
CMYK 0, 20, 55, 22

Canadian Maple

We’ll look at Maple Sugar and Maple Syrup brown later on, but for now, Canadian Maple pays homage to the brilliant brown-gold color that lights up some parts of the Canadian countryside during the fall. In fact, the maple leaf is so much a part of Canadian culture that it’s earned a spot on the Canadian national flag.

Canadian Maple
Hex #CAB266
RGB 202, 178, 102
CMYK 0, 12, 50, 21

Canvas Brown

Historically, canvas was made of a durable hemp weave that would be able to stand up to the perils of sea travel or long overland voyages. Today, while canvas sails and luggage bags aren’t nearly as common, cotton canvas weaves are a popular choice for clothing as well as for the basis of many great works of art. Canvas Brown mimics the pale brown shade that’s been so enduring for centuries.

Canvas Brown
Hex #BB8855
RGB 187, 136, 85
CMYK 0, 27, 55, 27


Regular caramel is basically just sugar that’s been heated and pulled into a confection, and it’s been a staple of worldwide desserts for centuries. Caramel brown captures some of the warmth, sweetness, and richness of the confection that’s here to stay for at least a few centuries more.

Hex #AF6F09
RGB 175, 111, 9
CMYK 0, 37, 95, 31

Caramel Apple

Caramel apples were first invented by a Mrs. Edna Kastrup, who went on to found The Taffy Apple Company with the rest of her family in 1948. Since then, they’ve become far more widespread, but Caramel Apple brown combines the rich color of caramel with the subtle red undertones of the apple.

Caramel Apple
Hex #B87A59
RGB 184, 122, 89
CMYK 0, 34, 52, 28

Carnal Brown

Carnal Brown is another relatively muted shade that still has some warm red and yellow undertones. It’s often used for cosmetics, especially lipsticks, which may be why it’s earned its “carnal” title as a reflection of its use in lots of different bodily decorations.

Carnal Brown
Hex #BB8866
RGB 187, 136, 102
CMYK 0, 27, 45, 27


Cashmere is a type of wool made specifically from the hair of certain breeds of goat, instead of sheep. It’s long been treasured for its soft, almost silk-like qualities, as well as for its lightweight insulating properties. While cashmere can be dyed into many colors, its “default” color is a light creamy brown, as seen in Cashmere brown’s overall tone.

Hex #D1B399
RGB 209, 179, 153
CMYK 0, 14, 27, 18


Technically speaking,chaiis just the Hindi word fortea.However, a lot of countries around the world use the wordchai to refer tomasala chai,a blend of tea and spices with a sharp, warming flavor that’s often sweetened and mixed with milk. The end result is a drink that looks an awful lot like Chai brown.

Hex #B1832F
RGB 177, 131, 47
CMYK 0, 26, 73, 31


Chamomile is actually the name given to several different flowers in the daisy family that grow throughout Europe. For most of us, however, when we hear “chamomile”, we think of tea. Chamomile tea has a soft, golden-brown color that is perfectly reflected in the yellow-red undertones of Chamomile brown.

Hex #DAC395
RGB 218, 195, 149
CMYK 0, 11, 32, 15


Continuing the plant or beverage trend, chicory is another member of the daisy family. While chicory flowers are white, the roots are often baked, roasted, and ground up for use as a coffee substitute. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that the final product bears a dark brown color that almost perfectly matches the shade of Chicory brown.

Hex #A78658
RGB 167, 134, 88
CMYK 0, 20, 47, 35


Who doesn’t love chocolate? While any chocolate aficionado will tell you that chocolate comes in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, this deep, rich shade is probably pretty close to what most of us picture when we think of that sweet treat.

Hex #7B3F00
RGB 123, 63, 0
CMYK 0, 49, 100, 52

Cinnamon Toast

We’ve already looked at buttered toast, so now it’s time to consider cinnamon toast. Cinnamon toast can refer to either toasted bread with cinnamon and other spices baked in or to toast that’s been “dressed up” with cinnamon sugar and butter. Either way, the red-brown shade of the cinnamon blends with the muted brown of the toast to give us what we call Cinnamon Toast brown.

Cinnamon Toast
Hex #8D7D77
RGB 141, 125, 119
CMYK 0, 11, 16, 45

Citrus Brown

Citrus Brown may seem like a confusing moniker at first, since most citrus fruits tend to be famously yellow or orange. Citrus Brown combines all the warmth and energy of those shades with the more subdued neutrality of a classic brown. The end result is a brown-gold hue that provides the best of both worlds.

Citrus Brown
Hex #D7C275
RGB 215, 194, 117
CMYK 0, 10, 46, 16


Cotton fibers have been used to make a soft, woolly cloth for literally thousands of years, with the earliest cloth samples dating back to nearly five thousand years before the Common Era. While the plant and its produce have a long and often gruesome history, the cloth itself has long been valued for its soft and crisp white color. Cotton brown captures the soft brown glow of that same worn and well-used fabric.

Hex #FAF4D4
RGB 250, 244, 212
CMYK 0, 2, 15, 2


No matter how you pronounce it, there’s no denying that the humble croissant has long held its spot as one of the most popular pastries around the world. Originally developed in Austria, croissants are known for their flaky layers and buttery texture, and while Croissant brown can’t quite capture that same feeling, it can at least convey some of the golden brown color.

Hex #C4AB86
RGB 196, 171, 134
CMYK 0, 13, 32, 23

Dark Beige

Plain or “true” beige is infamously difficult to print due to the extremely pale saturation values that make it hard to reproduce on a digital scale. Dark Beige, on the other hand, keeps the same color ratios but dials up the intensity to create a color that’s far more manageable in the digital realm.

Dark Beige
Hex #AC9362
RGB 172, 147, 98
CMYK 0, 15, 43, 33

Dark Chestnut

Chestnuts have been a staple in many culinary cultures around the world, treasured for their sweet, hearty taste and relatively large size as compared to most other tree nuts. Their distinctive red-brown color makes them a popular treat around the holidays, and Dark Chestnut brown reflects some of that cold weather cheer and hope for warmer days.

Dark Chestnut
Hex #986960
RGB 152, 105, 96
CMYK 0, 31, 37, 40

Dark Khaki

Beloved by military personnel and white collar workers around the world, khaki typically refers to a pale brown shade of cloth with a subtle yellow undertone. Dark Khaki dials up the yellow undertone until it produces what almost passes for a green tint, and the end result is a significantly darker shade of brown.

Dark Khaki
Hex #9B8F55
RGB 155, 143, 85
CMYK 0, 8, 45, 39

Dark Sand

Like many of the other examples on this list, “sand” can be used to sum up a wide range of colors, which makes it a perfect fit for an equally wide range of brown shades or tints. Dark Sand, however, is roughly the color of the sand on the beach after the waves have receded, leaving the beach behind darkened by the water.

Dark Sand
Hex #9F7D4F
RGB 159, 125, 79
CMYK 0, 21, 50, 38

Dark Wood

Dark Wood is actually very similar in appearance to Dark Sand, but the difference between the two lies in the concentration of its red, green, and blue values. Dark Sand has a higher level of red, green, and blue in order to reflect its rocky nature, while Dark Wood has a more muted, subdued appearance.

Dark Wood
Hex #855E42
RGB 133, 94, 66
CMYK 0, 29, 50, 48

Deep Brown

Deep Brown is one of the darkest shades of brown on this list, which means that it also has some of the lowest red, green, and blue values. As a result, the lack of light or color saturation means that the resulting color is almost dark enough to pass for true black.

Deep Brown
Hex #410200
RGB 65, 2, 0
CMYK 0, 97, 100, 75

Deep Taupe

Taupe takes its name from the French word formole,as it was believed that the gray-brown color was similar in shade to the coat of the little digging animal. However, Deep Taupe comes far closer to the mole’s fur than “true” taupe, as most moles tend to look either dark brown or black.

Deep Taupe
Hex #7B6660
RGB 123, 102, 96
CMYK 0, 17, 22, 52

Desert Gray

Despite not having the word “brown” anywhere in its name, Desert Gray is very visibly closer to brown than it is to a true gray color. Either way, the muted brown has a distinctly cooler undertone to it, and the overall color suggests the coolness of the desert before the sun begins to rise.

Desert Gray
Hex #B8A487
RGB 184, 164, 135
CMYK 0, 11, 27, 28

Dried Moss

Found growing in damp or humid climates around the world, moss is usually known for its deep green color. Once it’s been cut away from its clump and dried, however, it takes on a pale yellow-brown color and can be used as a fire starter or a quick and easy source of fuel. Dried Moss captures the color of moss once it’s fully processed and full of potential.

(Video) How to Get the Color Teal Every Single Time - Soft Teal, Light Teal, Luxurious Teal Tutorial

Dried Moss
Hex #CCB97E
RGB 204, 185, 126
CMYK 0, 9, 38, 20

Dull Brown

Despite the grim name, Dull Brown is actually a pretty lively shade. It carries distinct red undertones that keep it from fading all the way into a truly dull appearance, and the subtle yellow notes running throughout lend it a sense of brightness and light.

Dull Brown
Hex #876E4B
RGB 135, 110, 75
CMYK 0, 19, 44, 47

Fall Harvest

With a name likeFall Harvest,it’s hardly a surprise that this shade of brown skews more towards the yellow or orange side of the family than many other shades we’ve seen so far. Nevertheless, it’s laced with enough blue and green undertones to keep it from tipping all the way over into orange, which keeps it firmly in its place on this list.

Fall Harvest
Hex #A78A59
RGB 167, 138, 89
CMYK 0, 17, 47, 35

Feather Brown

Once again, it’s not exactly news that a bird’s feathers can be found in just about every color imaginable. Feather Brown, however, is the faded brown shade of the swan or goose feather quills that were used as writing implements prior to the invention and immediate popularity of the pen.

Feather Brown
Hex #B8AD9E
RGB 184, 173, 158
CMYK 0, 6, 14, 28


While we’ve seen several variations on “wood” so far in this list, Firewood brown is unique in that it specifically refers todriedwood. As a result, the overall color of Firewood brown is noticeably paler and lighter than a truly “wooden” shade might be expected to be.

RGB 206, 186, 168
CMYK 0, 10, 18, 19

Fortune Cookie

Despite being associated with Chinese food today, fortune cookies are actually a Japanese invention, dating back to the 1800s. Regardless of their origin, these crispy little cookies are beloved around the world today for their light, sweet flavor and the golden brown color that Fortune Cookie brown emulates.

Fortune Cookie
Hex #E0C5A1
RGB 224, 197, 161
CMYK 0, 12, 28, 12

French Beige

We’ve already seen a couple variations on the beige color family, but French Beige is named for its relative popularity in France. The first reference to “French Beige” as a color name appears in the late 1920s, when French fashion and culture were beginning to dominate the world conversation.

French Beige
Hex #A67B50
RGB 166, 123, 80
CMYK 0, 26, 52, 35

Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a bright, bubbly drink that is usually enjoyed on its own or mixed with various spirits to make a cocktail. Regardless of how you choose to drink it, the soda’s distinctive yellow-brown coloring is represented in the Ginger Ale brown shade.

Ginger Ale
Hex #C9A86A
RGB 201, 168, 106
CMYK 0, 16, 47, 21

Golden Fog

Obviously, fog on its own is usually a misty gray or white color. However, if you’ve ever been out in the fog when the sun rises or sets, you’ve probably seen the color represented here as Golden Fog. This shade takes its name from the moment when the sun’s rays turn a fog bank from a dismal gray to a brilliant shade of gold.

Golden Fog
Hex #F0EAD2
RGB 240, 234, 210
CMYK 0, 3, 13, 6

Gray Brown

Gray Brown is a deep shade of brown that looks pretty much exactly the way that you would expect it to look. Unlike some of the other gray-brown blends that we’ve seen on this list, however, Gray Brown is primarily brown with a gray undertone. Many of the other entries have been primarily gray with a subtle brown undercurrent, and it’s this inversion that makes Gray Brown unique.

Gray Brown
Hex #7F7053
RGB 127, 112, 83
CMYK 0, 12, 35, 50

Grayish Brown

The last entry in our family of similarly-named shades of brown, Grayish Brown is very similar in color to Gray Brown. The only real difference between the two of them is that Grayish Brown is slightly darker. This difference in saturation is the result of a slightly lower red, green, and blue value that pushes the shade away from the lighter or brighter side of the color spectrum.

Grayish Brown
Hex #7A6A4F
RGB 122, 106, 79
CMYK 0, 13, 35, 52


In construction or interior design terms, “hardwood” actually refers to any one of several hard woods, which means that the wood colors grouped together under that term can vary pretty widely. In the context of this color, however, Hardwood is a rich, gray-brown shade with some subtle red undertones.

Hex #937A62
RGB 147, 122, 98
CMYK 0, 17, 33, 42

Hawaiian Brown

The word forbrownin Hawaiian ismākuʻe, pronounced by drawing out the “ah” sound of theaand cutting off sharply before the “ay” sound of thee.Regardless of what you call it, this shade of brown is a bright, warm color that captures some of those tropical vibes.

Hawaiian Brown
Hex #99522C
RGB 153, 82, 44
CMYK 0, 46, 71, 40

Heavy Brown

Heavy Brown is named for its overall appearance, which combines green, red, and brown undertones to create a muted shade of brown that’s dark and deep without appearing too dull. The end result is a solid, weighted color that gives the impression of heaviness while still working as a neutral, underplayed shade of what could have been a very garish color.

Heavy Brown
Hex #73624A
RGB 115, 98, 74
CMYK 0, 15, 36, 55

Honey Brown

Bees that feed solely on the nectar of poisonous flowers like monkshood, azaleas, or rhododendrons can produce what’s sometimes known as “mad honey” – honey with intoxicating or just plaintoxicproperties. Regardless of the type, all honey can be instantly recognized thanks to the same warm, gold-brown color that gives Honey Brown its name.

Honey Brown
Hex #BA9238
RGB 186, 146, 56
CMYK 0, 22, 70, 27

Iced Coffee

The first real iced coffee was probably created in Algeria in the mid 1840s before migrating to Italy and the rest of Europe during the late 1800s. Since then, it’s remained a popular fixture of coffee house menus and drive-through doughnut shops alike, and the pale brown color of Iced Coffee brown pays homage to that history.

Iced Coffee
Hex #B18F6A
RGB 177, 143, 106
CMYK 0, 19, 40, 31


Kobicha dye has been used to make kimonos for centuries, and the dark reddish brown shade remains a popular clothing color to this day. While its name originally derives from the sea kelp with which it shares its color, it can also be used to mean “flattery”.

Hex #6B4423
RGB 107, 68, 35
CMYK 0, 36, 67, 58


In its earliest forms, lace was made of linen, silk, silver, or gold, which made it completely inaccessible to all but the wealthiest of patrons. Today, it’s a lot easier to find lace in a wide range of colors and materials, but the iconic white-brown shade of early lace has still lingered in the public mind, giving rise to the name of this pale brown hue.

Hex #EAE3D2
RGB 234, 227, 210
CMYK 0, 3, 10, 8


Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that lattes are some of the most popular coffee beverages in the world. The full official name iscaffè e latte, but most of us just call the drink by its shortened name. No matter what you call it, Latte brown clearly derives its name from the iconic color of that drink.

Hex #C5A582
RGB 197, 165, 130
CMYK 0, 16, 34, 23

Light Taupe

We’ve already looked at Deep Taupe, but Light Taupe veers in the opposite direction. While “true taupe” is often difficult to categorize as either brown or gray, Light Taupe definitely falls into the “brown” category, thanks to a significantly higher level of red, magenta, or yellow pigment.

Light Taupe
Hex #B38B6D
RGB 179, 139, 109
CMYK 0, 22, 39, 30

Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is made by boiling the sap of the maple tree until all of the water has evaporated, leaving behind a coarse sugar that is then processed and treated and used as a sweetener. Maple Sugar brown is a soft shade of brown with some subtle red undertones to remind the viewer of cold autumn days.

Maple Sugar
Hex #C9A38D
RGB 201, 163, 141
CMYK 0, 19, 30, 21

Maple Syrup

A little bit stronger than Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup takes on a more noticeably yellow tint to reflect the caramelized nature of maple syrup. Maple syrup is actually one of the oldest products in North America, with evidence suggesting that it was being distilled and produced by Native American tribes like the Algonquians for literally hundreds of years before European colonizers arrived.

Maple Syrup
Hex #BB9351
RGB 187, 147, 81
CMYK 0, 21, 57, 27

Mars Brown

Mars may be known as the “Red Planet”, but images from its surface reveal that most of the landscape is more accurately labeled as brown. Mars Brown captures some of the harsh, windswept appeal of the landscape while still retaining a definite red undertone in order to call back to our earliest imaginings of our planet’s next-door neighbor.

Mars Brown
Hex #AD6242
RGB 173, 98, 66
CMYK 0, 43, 62, 32

Medium Brown

Medium Brown is yet another entry on this list that looks exactly the way you’d expect it to. The red or magenta values are slightly higher in this shade than they would be in “regular” brown, but the overall impression is a warm, earthy color that still manages to immediately establish itself as undeniably brown.

Medium Brown
Hex #7F5112
RGB 127, 81, 18
CMYK 0, 36, 86, 50

Mojave Desert

It may be the driest desert in North America, but the Mojave Desert is actually thesmallestdesert in North America at less than 50,000 square miles. Regardless of the Mojave Desert’s size, the arid landscape and weathered sands are perfectly represented in the gentle gray-brown shades of the color that bears the same name.

Mojave Desert
Hex #C7B595
RGB 199, 181, 149
CMYK 0, 9, 25, 22

Shades of Brown Color

As you can see, there is a huge selection of shades of brown to choose from, and those presented here are only a fraction of the browns that exist. Whatever project you’re working on, there is a precisely perfect brown shade for that final, finishing touch.

These colors can also be found in nature. Here’s a visual list ofthings that are brown.


What is the RGB code for brown? ›

Information about Brown / #964B00

In a RGB color space (made from three colored lights for red, green, and blue), hex #964B00 is made of 58.8% red, 29.4% green and 0% blue.

How many shades Does brown have? ›

The X11 color list of web colors has seventeen different shades of brown, but the complete list of browns is much longer. Brown colors are typically desaturated shades of reds, oranges, and yellows which are created on computer and television screens using the RGB color model and in printing with the CMYK color model.

What are brown colors? ›

Brown is a dark orange color, made by combining red, yellow and black. It can be thought of as dark orange, but it can also be made in other ways.

What color is this RGB color code 128 0 128? ›

#800080 Hex Color for the Web has the RGB values of 128, 0, 128 and the CMYK colour values of 0, 100, 0, 49.8. This web color is described by the following tags: DEEP PINK, FRESH EGGPLANT, FUCHSIA, FUSCHIA, HOT PINK, MAGENTA.

Is brown the color 27? ›

What Hair Color Is 27? 27 hair color, someone would call it honey blonde color or strawberry blonde. The color is a mix of brown, blonde, and a bit of red, and it is similar to reddish-brown in human hair colors. And the 27 hair color is considered to be light auburn color sometimes.

What 2 colors make a brown? ›

To create a basic brown paint, mix two complementary colors in equal amounts. Choose a red paint and a green paint (or yellow paint and purple paint, or blue paint and orange paint) and dab a little bit of each onto your surface to mix. Stir the different colors with your palette knife until it becomes a smooth brown.

What two colors are brown? ›

When considering secondary colors, what two colors make brown? Orange and blue can make brown, and red and green can also make brown. The secondary colors can also be used to add variations to the brown shade created by the three primary colors. For example, you can make a brown with underlying purple colors.

Does brown have shades? ›

There are countless shades of brown, ranging from deep and dark burnt sienna to light beige hues. In this article, we provide you with an extensive list of the most popular shades of brown, with their Hex numbers, RGB, and CMYK codes. Take a look and see what your favorite shade of brown is!

What 3 colors can make brown? ›

How to Mix Brown – The Short Answer. The three primary colors (red, yellow, blue), when mixed, make brown. It is the ratio, as well as the specific pigments used, that determine the specific neutral color these hues will make.

What color is deep brown? ›

Deep Brown. The darkest color in the palette based on black pigment. Suitable on its own for warm and neutral skin with olive, yellow, pink undertone. The hair may be black or dark brown.

Is camel brown a color? ›

Camel is a color that resembles the color of the hair of a camel.
Camel (color)
HSV (h, s, v)(33°, 45%, 76%)
CIELChuv (L, C, h)(66, 47, 52°)
ISCC–NBS descriptorLight yellowish brown
5 more rows

Can Code 128 have letters? ›

CODE 128 can represent all 128 ASCII code characters (numbers, upper case/lower case letters, symbols and control codes). Since it can represent all characters (except Japanese kanji, hiragana and katakana) that can be used with a computer keyboard, it is a computer friendly barcode.

What does a Code 128 barcode look like? ›

Code128 specifies a combination of 6 alternating bars and spaces (3 of each) for each symbol. Thus, each symbol begins with a bar and ends with a space. In barcode fonts, the final bar is generally combined with the stop symbol to make a wider stop pattern.

How do I identify a Code 128 barcode? ›

128C – Contains 00-99 (double density of numeric data only and FNC1. To recognize Code 128, each character in a Code 128 symbol begins with a bar and ends with a space (except for the stop character which adds an extra bar). Each is made up of three bars and three spaces.

Is the color 33 brown? ›

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color, 33 Dark Soft Brown 1 ea (Pack of 5)

Is brown a Colour for 2022? ›

Color predictions are revealed each year, giving the impression that we've gazed into a crystal ball.

What hex is dark brown? ›

Dark brown is a medium dark shade of brown with the hex code #5C4033, one of a family of neutral brown tones that make it popular in decorating and design. Dark brown is often seen in nature and is considered a homey and grounding color.

What makes dark brown? ›

For making brown, first, you need to add blue and yellow to get green. That's what two colors make brown to start with, but more is needed. And then green is mixed with red to create a ruddy brown color. To create a lighter tone, add a little bit of green and add more red color to get a dark tone.

What Colours go with brown? ›

The shades of blue that work best with brown are navy blue, turquoise, and pale blue. Red – Red and brown both have warm and rich undertones. Shades of brick red or burgundy look amazing with brown accents. Orange – Orange and brown are another natural color combination as, together, these are reminiscent of autumn.

What colors make light brown? ›

To create a light brown color using primary colors, place equal amounts on your palette. Combine the red, blue, and yellow colors using a palette knife or your brush until it reaches a brown color. You can include a tiny amount of white to make the brown lighter.

Is brown a 4 color? ›

4=Darkest Brown, a very dark brunette, not black, but very dark.

Is coffee brown a color? ›

Coffee is a brownish color that is a representation of the color of a roasted coffee bean.

Is brown a color of the rainbow? ›

No, there are obvious examples of colors not in the rainbow: brown, black, gray, periwinkle, etc.. Idea #1: Some believe that the only true colors in the rainbow are ROYGB(I)V, with colors like red-orange being blends of red and orange. ROYGBV are seen as the basic colors that you make all the other colors with.

Is Golden a shade of brown? ›

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the color metallic gold as "A light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow." Of course, the visual sensation usually associated with the metal gold is its metallic shine.

What is the best shade of brown? ›

30 Best Shades of Brown Hair Color
  • Golden Brown Hair Color. Save. Instagram. ...
  • Golden Honey Brown Hair Color. Save. Instagram. ...
  • Caramel Brown Hair Color. Save. Instagram. ...
  • Toffee Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Neutral Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Bronze Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Deep Chestnut Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Dark Chocolate Hair Color. Save.
25 Nov 2022

Is tan a shade of brown? ›

Tan is a pale tone of brown. The name is derived from tannum (oak bark) used in the tanning of leather. The first recorded use of tan as a color name in English was in the year 1590.

What RGB color is 255 255 255? ›

White: RGB(255,255,255) Red: RGB(255,0,0) Green: RGB(0,255,0) Blue: RGB(0,0,255)

Can RGB lights make brown? ›

You can't make brown or black with an RGB LED (and other ended projects)

What color is RGB 0 255 255? ›

To display black, set all color parameters to 0, like this: rgb(0, 0, 0). To display white, set all color parameters to 255, like this: rgb(255, 255, 255).

What is the RGB for mocha brown? ›

The hexadecimal color code #3f261d is a dark shade of red-orange. In the RGB color model #3f261d is comprised of 24.71% red, 14.9% green and 11.37% blue.

What are the color represented by RGB 255 255 255 and RGB 255 255 0 in CSS respectively? ›

White = [ 255, 255, 255 ] Black = [ 0, 0, 0 ] A "perfect" Blue = [0,0,255]

What color is RGB 255 0 92? ›

The RGB color 255, 0, 92 is a dark color, and the websafe version is hex FF0066. The color can be described as dark saturated red.

What is the color then is 0 255 0? ›

Some Common Colors
ColorDecimal (Red, Green, Blue)Hexadecimal (#RRGGBB)
Red(255, 0, 0)#FF0000
Green(0,255, 0)#00FF00
Blue(0, 0,255)#0000FF
Yellow(255,255, 0)#FFFF00
4 more rows

What Hex is light brown? ›

Light brown is a bright shade of brown with the hex code #C4A484, one of a family of neutral colors that complement the primaries in the RGB color model.

How do you make brown with 4 colors? ›

Basic Brown

In order to first create a simple medium brown, you should combine red, yellow, and blue. You can also mix orange and blue if you have orange available. Each color should be added in equal proportion. This should create a medium shade of brown.

How do u make brown? ›

The fundamental answer for which colors make brown is the three primary colors—red, yellow, and blue. In color theory, these three primary colors are hues that cannot be created from any other colors. Varying the amounts and ratio of each of the primary colors will alter the shade of brown that you get.

What color is FFFF? ›

#FFFFFF means full FF amounts of Red, Green, and Blue. The result is WHITE.

How do you convert 12 bit brown to hexadecimal? ›

Traditional Brown is represented by the #964B00 color hex, and the RGB numbers are 150, 75, 0. That means it's comprised of 58.8% red, 29.4% green and 0% blue.

What color is honey brown? ›

Honey brown hair features a warm, brown base that can vary in tone. There's more than one shade of honey brown hair, but the base is either laced with varying tones of honey highlights or has a golden undertone to give it that sweet-as-honey touch.

What color is Choco brown? ›

Chocolate brown color

Chocolate is a dark shade of brown. On the hex chart used by web designers and developers, the color code for chocolate is #7B3F00.

What color is cocoa brown? ›

The historical and traditional name for this color is cocoa brown.
Cocoa brown (web color "chocolate") (light chocolate)
Cocoa Brown Cinnamon
ISCC–NBS descriptorDeep orange
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
6 more rows


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