7 Best Confinement Nanny Singapore 2021 (Agency, Centres, Daytime) (2023)

Confinement nannies can be miracle workers, but only if you find a suitable one. Start your search with these seven popular confinement nanny agencies in Singapore

Confinement nannies can be a life-saver. They breeze into a household no doubt made topsy-turvy by the arrival of a precious little newborn, and soon get the household running smoothly again - all the while making sure mother and baby are well taken care of.

Part miracle-worker, part wise woman, confinement nannies play an important, multi-faceted role. They not only help mothers recover their vitality after childbirth, but also take care of the newborn baby while teaching inexperienced parents the ropes.

Surely you won’t want to entrust such an important role to just anyone. Hence, we’ve gathered seven popular confinement nanny agencies in Singapore to help you find the right nanny for your needs.

What does a confinement nanny in Singapore do?

A confinement nanny is a specialist caregiver who focuses on the needs of new mothers and their newborns. She serves as an extra pair of hands to help both mother and baby settle into a regular routine, while ensuring they receive the special care they require.

It is not unusual for confinement nannies to bring with her a repertoire of folk wisdom and babycare tips, preparing various special dishes and herbal remedies to help the mother regain her strength and figure.

At the same time, the nanny demonstrates how to take care of the newborn, and dispenses advice on common issues encountered.

Besides taking care of mother and child, confinement nannies may also help with simple household chores such as laundry or grocery shopping. Other services such as cooking meals for the entire family may be requested at an extra cost.

But bear in mind that your confinement nanny isn’t a live-in maid, so don’t expect her to clean your entire house the way you’d expect a domestic worker to.

For more details, have a look at our cost guide to post-pregnancy confinement, which discusses the typical duties performed by confinement nannies, as well as a breakdown of the various costs involved in hiring one.

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7 confinement nanny agencies you can book online

Confinement nanny agencyEstimated rates (28 days)
Caregiver AsiaS$2,500 to S$4,500
NannySOSS$3,698 nett
Confinement AngelsFrom S$3,180
Star Confinement NannyFrom S$3,300
Super Nanny ServicesFrom S$3,000
PEM Confinement Nanny AgencyFrom S$3,150
JIA Employment ServiceFrom S$3,300

A note on estimated rates

In the table above, we have collated some of the most popular confinement nanny agencies in Singapore. Do note that while we have included some pricings for a typical 28-day assignment, these should only be taken as a guide.

Your rates may vary according to your specific needs or special requests. Also, there are other incidentals to consider, such as the traditional red packet, as well as surcharges for twins, festive periods, etc.

It’s best to send in an online enquiry to the agency that catches your interest for a more accurate quote.

Caregiver Asia

Tel: 6258 6683

Caregiver Asia is an online portal for caregiving and the people who seek them. It has a dedicated page with an entire roster of confinement nannies on their website, offering both full-time and daycare confinement nanny services.

Every profile has a photo and a price attached, and clicking on one will bring you to a dedicated page with a short write-up that details the caregiver’s experience, background and assignment preferences.

This is ideal if you prefer to have a quick and easy way to screen your potential nannies before you send in a booking.

Rates vary between S$2,500 to S$4,500 for live-in nannies, depending on the experience and age of the nanny, and there are more choices at the lower end of the price range.

For daycare confinement nannies, rates are between S$22 to S$30 per hour.


Tel: 6817 2479

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Established in 2011, NannySOS is a licensed professional agency that aims to offer a one-stop service for new mothers and their babies.

Besides sourcing locally available experienced and skilled confinement nannies, the agency will also assist you in applying for a work permit if you’re booking a Malaysian nanny.

They also have a confinement herbal care package, which you can subscribe to for all the exotic ingredients required for your special post-birth diet.

NannySOS is one of the few confinement agencies that openly displays their rates on their website (instead of gating them behind an enquiry form).

For 2021, a 28-day confinement nanny may be booked for S$3,698 nett. Note that this only covers the booking fee, and not other costs such as herbal medicines, accommodation, work permit and levy charges or the customary red packets.

Confinement Angels

Tel: 8828 8415 or 8822 9131

If there was ever a confinement nanny agency to the stars, Confinement Angels would be it. The agency’s lilac-hued website contains many testimonials of happy customers - from ordinary Singaporeans to influencers and celebrities alike.

The undeniably great marketing is backed up by the agency’s service guarantees, which include annual blood tests for all nannies, and guaranteed arrival of nannies, alongside the usual professional training and experience assurances.

Book a Confinement Angel and you can expect to receive a full range of services, such as round-the-clock babycare support, preparation of confinement tonics and food, laundry for mother and baby, sweeping and mopping up to twice a week, confinement bath for mummy (prepared with herbs), breastfeeding guidance, as well as babycare and post-pregnancy advice and tips.

Star Confinement Nanny

Tel: 9889 7985 or 6241 2221

An award-winning confinement nanny agency in Singapore, Star Confinement Nanny comes highly recommended. It has a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars across 427 Google reviews, so there’s definitely something to their claims.

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Their team of experienced nannies are also known for their culinary skills - just check out the gallery of delicious-looking dishes on their colourful website!

But of course, the ability to prepare tasty and nutritious meals is but just one consideration when choosing a confinement nanny. Thus you’ll be delighted to read through the many positive and glowing reviews on their website as well as their Facebook page.

Apart from the standard 28-day confinement nanny package, Star Confinement Nanny also offers 14-day packages, as well as babysitting and daycare services.

Super Nanny Services

Tel: 9751 1415

Another popular confinement nanny agency in Singapore is Super Nanny Services, which pride themselves on over a decade of experience helping new families start off on the right foot.

They ensure that the nannies in their team are at least 40 years and above, and have between three to five years of experience.

This means you can look forward to having a nanny that is mature enough for such a crucial responsibility, while perhaps not being so set in their ways - the Goldilocks choice, in other words.

Their nannies have also received specialist training in breastfeeding and baby hygiene according to hospital standards from the agency’s in-house Registered Senior Lactation Consultant, who was previously from Thomson Medical Centre.

Besides post-birth confinement services, Super Nanny Confinement also offers lactation home services by a registered nurse, helpful for first-time mothers who are having trouble getting started on nursing. Pre- and post-natal massage sessions are also available for bookings.

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Tel: 6293 9249

With a history of over 30 years and counting, PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is easily one of Singapore’s leading players in the space.

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It has over 400 nannies in its roster, and was one of the first agencies to be licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

If getting an agency with a long history of good service is important to you, know that the agency has over 15,000 satisfied customers under its belt.

While most of the testimonials on their website are at least two years old, they sound like unique and detailed feedback from genuinely satisfied customers.

Some of the services offered under the agency’s confinement nanny package include 24-hour babycare, preparation of herbal tonics and confinement dishes, light domestic chores and advice and guidance on newborn care.

JIA Employment Service

Tel: 9459 9830

Another nanny confinement agency with a long history serving the needs of mothers who have just given birth is JIA Employment Service.

The MOM licensed agency has over 25 years of experience and counting, and pride themselves on easing the transition to motherhood for women.

Nannies under JIA’s employment are mostly aged between 45 to 55 years old, and have passed stringent screening in babycare, cooking, confinement food knowledge and hygiene habits.

Also, they have deep experience and knowledge of post-natal matters, and are thus suited to not only taking care of your newborn, but also imparting valuable insights and advice that sets you up for success.
While the agency’s nannies are mainly focused on taking care of mother and baby, they are also able to take on other duties, such as grocery shopping, or cooking and laundry for the rest of the family.

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7 Best Confinement Nanny Singapore 2021 (Agency, Centres, Daytime)? ›

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How much does a confinement nanny cost in Singapore?

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How much does it cost to hire a confinement lady in Singapore?

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How do I choose a confinement nanny?

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