Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (2022)

I am here today with this article to share with you the most factual Blox Fruits sword tier list with you. This tier list will give you a complete guide about the best swords to use in the game. I will rank all 35 swords of this game and in this article. So this article will provide a complete guide about all these swords, what their function is, and also their specific moves. All the 35 swords used in the game Blox Fruits are ranked into six tiers that are S, A, B, C, D, and F tiers according to their performance and effectiveness.

Many such readers will be reading this article who are new to the game and want to know about it and the swords used in this game. I welcome you to this page and hope that my research and hard work will be of good help to you for better understanding and good scoring in the game.

Also, many of you on this website will be having good know-how about the game and its swords I appreciate your presence as well and hope that you will agree with our research and experience.

Do let us know in the comment section what you think about this tier list, as your opinion is of great importance to us. The main purpose of this article is to provide accurate and concise information all about the game and the swords of this game which are used as a way to deal with the damage in the game.

Tier List Contents

About Blox Fruits

Roblox is a game creation system and an online gaming platform. One of the best and most famous experiences of Roblox is Blox Fruits released in 2019. With thousands of active players and a huge fan base, it has arguably become the most adventurous and well-known game on this platform. This game is all about becoming the strongest among all the players and selecting between becoming a global swordsman or a fabulous Blox Fruit player.

In this game, you have to choose to fight against some powerful boss battles and find hidden secrets in order to become a strong player in the game. Your abilities in the game can be judged by the quality of fruits you equip.

If you want to excel in the game and increase your efficiency you will have to get the best fruit for grinding. There are four ways in this game to deal with damage which are fighting with a sword, a gun, fighting style, and a fruit.

However, the players can level up quickly by grinding and becoming the most potent players in this game. Swords are one of the five ways to deal with damage in the game and are required for fighting, grinding, and becoming a master swordsman which is the main focus of this game.

How To Get Swords in Blox Fruits

Swords are one of the four important methods by which you can deal damage to your enemies in Blox Fruits. Moreover, you can also deal damage in the game using fighting styles, Guns, or Blox Fruits. Many players prefer using Swords as they can be obtained easily and are efficient to use. You can choose any sword you like in Blox Fruits that are mentioned in our tier list. Moreover, our tier list will also help you find the best sword suitable for your playstyle in Blox Fruits.

You can unlock the Swords in Blox Fruits using the following methods.

  • Most of the swords drop as a reward from Bosses. Thus make sure that you defeat all the bosses to get as many swords as possible.
  • Some swords can only be bought from Sword Sellers.
  • If you’re looking for a Legendary type sword, then you will have to visit the Legendary Sword Dealer.
  • Some Swords mentioned in our tier list also be obtained from certain NPCs in Blox Fruits.
  • Robux can also help you get some of the best swords in Blox Fruits.
  • Locations like the First Sea, Second Sea, and the Third Sea are also common hubs for getting swords.

Accessories in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits game comprises many accessory options that are available for the players. These accessory items provide special buffing effects to the players who possess them. The buffing quality of the accessory increases as you proceed to higher levels. In short, these accessories have an important role in the game. Although the method of attaining these accessories is different for each accessory.

Each accessory possesses a different and unique ability which is beneficial for the player. There are no automatic features in the game to remove the accessory a player is wearing so every player has to remove an accessory himself before wearing a new one.

Blox Fruits: Swords and Their Types

What are swords in the Blox Fruits? The answer to this question is that swords are one of the four ways to deal with damage or to fight in the game. The other three styles are fighting styles, guns, and fruits. Swords were added to the game on 16 January 2019. These swords can be bought by using the in-game currency that is Robux sword sellers, bosses, and legendary sword dealers.

Many players in the game prefer playing with swords as they are a viable weapon of this game. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to cool down time and cannot cause any damage to chop users in the game. A total of 35 swords are used in Blox Fruits. All these swords are divided into four types which are:


The cheap and the weak ones in the game.


A weak one but does good damage.


An average and decent ones which are much more playable than the other two kinds.


The good and strong ones are used for grinding, farming, and PVP.


The strong, rare, and precious ones.

S Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (1)

This ranking is the foremost tier in our ranking system which refers to the ”super” tier. As the name indicates this is the highest rank on our Blox Fruit Sword tier list and consists of swords of the game Blox Fruits which are excellent in performance and most favorite of the players of this game. The fact that makes this tier the most interesting is that this tier consists of a variety of different types of best swords in the game.

Buddy Sword

Buddy Sword is a legendary type of sword added to the game in part 1 of update 17. It is a much more reliable choice in terms of damage and attack and thus is placed at the top most our tier list. This sword is an excellent choice for hunting players in the game. The type of attack is somewhat similar to soul fruit. Buddy sword can be obtained from level 2175 of the sea of treats.

This sword comes with a decent move set and hitbox. With its Heat Slash move set the players can knock the opponent backward and also set him on fire by creating multiple orange slashes. This fire damage is of immense benefit for the player. However, this movement cannot be used for grinding.


His Lightning wave movement deals with a huge amount of damage to the opponent by giving out a purple beam that knocks down every opponent even the furthest one. This move set mainly depends on the position of the opponent. The furthest the opponent is the more damage is done.

Dark Blade

Dark Blade is a mythical sword added in update 1 to the game. It can further be updated by the player by doing The Son Quest. It is the only sword in the game which can change the game mechanics and requires a game pass. There are several methods to obtain this sword which are either by purchasing it in the game, being gifted by other players or by trade from other players, by getting a brazil cube, and also small chances of getting it by defeating Mihawk.

Talking about moveset, One Thousand Slices is a moveset that uses key Z to deal with high damage by hitting the enemy and stunning them also a barrage of green slashes is launched. In short, this sword comes with good hit damage.

The second moveset is Dark Air Slash which uses key X, in this moveset the player launches a green vertical thin slash of green energy that deals with great damage and also gives a good knockback to the enemy thus making its place to the top tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list.

It is a great sword when it comes to dealing with high damage Pvp and has excellent range. Also, this sword has the ability to stun the enemy and some great combos but requires good skill to make full use of it.

Dark Dagger

Another legendary sword was added in update 15 to the game. Although it is a weak version of Dark Blade still managed to make its place in this tier because of its extraordinary abilities and combos. This sword can be obtained as a 2-5% drop from the Lv. 5000 Raid Boss.

The Dark Dagger is obtained by very few players due to the exclusivity of the Boss. With the moveset Proficient Impale, the user produces a green electric shock when hits an entity. The second moveset is Shaming Slash in which the user shoots a green short, electric dagger and slashes the enemy by teleporting behind.

This sword possesses an excellent combo, even better than any sword in this tier. The players can also switch to other weapons by Shaming Slash which requires the good skill of the user. It is relatively hard to obtain this sword.

Dragon Trident

Dragon Trident is a rare sword in the game that made it to this tier due to its abilities and damage. Being added to the game in update 14 can be obtained from the Forgotten Island. Talking about the movesets this sword offers, we have a Sea Dragon Furry moveset that uses key Z which pushes the enemy away by shooting a blue beam with a dragon head. Another moveset that uses key X is Water Dragon Prison, the enemy is trapped inside a water bubble.

This sword has a relatively bigger hitbox as compared to other swords in the game. Full of good combos and does great damage to the enemy. A high master level of the user is required to make full use of the combos this sword offers.


Added in update 13 to the game Rengoku is a legendary sword making it the place in the S tier of our Blox Fruits Sword tier list. In order to get this sword the player has to first obtain a hidden key from the Awakened Ice Admiral, then find a secret door in the castle, then touch the chest with your key.

This will give you the sword but you have to complete these tasks without dying in the game. Coming to the movesets of this sword, using key Z, The Demon Slayer, a trail of orange and red is left if the user attacks the enemy.

Another I’ve set of Burning Slash allows the user to lay horizontal slashes of fire on the enemy and renders good damage by burning. This moves et requires X key and travels to good distance with its high damage. A lot of new fighting styles and excellent combos were introduced with this sword but only focus on a single target and can be easily dodged.


Saber is a decent sword in the legendary sword category however it can be easily upgraded to a much better version which is Saber V2. Being the best in terms of damage done it is used by Saber experts in the game. It can easily be obtained by 100% drop chance from Saber experts.

There are no mastery or other level requirements for obtaining this sword. The player has to gain one million bounties, after which he has to kill another player in the game with the same skill and become Saber-equipped. With the Deadly Rush moveset, the user can destroy everything that comes in his path.

The Triple Slash moveset allows the user to send three air slashes to its enemy and render good damage to him. In terms of air slashes, the user can send dragon heads to the enemy doing sufficient damage. Overall it is a very good sword and is of decent damage to the opponent.


It is one of the three legendary swords making place in our S tier. One of the strongest swords in the game is Shisui. It is the best among all the other swords well known and appreciated by all the players for its high damage, excellent combos, great potential, and rapid moves. It can be obtained by buying from Legendary Sword Dealer and costs around 2,000,000 Robux in the game. This sword can only be obtained if you already have a mythical sword of the name True Triple Katana.

Shisui has two move sets, in the True Quite Rush, stuns when hits the target and destroys everything. The second movement, Focus Shot, shoots a purple bullet and a slight knockback when hit.

This sword possesses excellent PvP and great damage potential and is one of the best swords for grinding in the game. Its good range and excellent one-shot combos make it an efficient one in the game so making its position in the S tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list.

True Triple Katana

The True Triple Katana commonly referred to as TTK in the game is a mythical sword game. This sword appears white in color if the player has not enabled enhancement color, but if it is enabled the sword will appear in the color that the player has selected. TTK can be obtained by either buying it from a Legendary Sword Dealer, or having 300 mastery on Saddi, Shisui, or Wando. By buying it from Mystery man or during fusion.

The Wolf Fang Rush is a moveset this sword comes with, this enables the user to dash forward slicing everything up and stunning the enemy with extraordinary combos. Dragon Hurricane is another moveset with which the user shoots a twirling dragon at the enemy which yields damage to anyone in its way. It is overall a great sword but hard to obtain.


Wando is a legendary grade sword needed for the assembly of True Triple Katana. In order to this sword, you will need to buy it for 2,000,000 Robux, or buy it from Legendary Sword Dealer. There are two movesets for Wando, one is Continous Slashing it explodes after slashing rendering good damage to the opponent but has a bit of end lag. The second moveset Scatter Shot sends 4 air slashes to the opponent offering good damage and is good for combos.

Both the movesets render an enormous amount of damage to the opponent and are very good with combos. However, this sword is not so efficient in terms of PvP and range.

A Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (2)

This tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list consists of good-performing swords in the game. These swords are good enough in terms of damaging powers and movesets but couldn’t be placed with the swords of the S tier due to minor drawbacks.


It is a legendary sword added to the game in update 15. This sword has a really fast attack with great damage. Yama is located in the Secret Temple located on the Hydra Island and pulling the sword but if you don’t have 30 kills in the game you will die. It should be kept into account that this sword comes with good combos and deals with decent damage but requires good timing and aiming skills.

The hellish Slash moveset of this sword allows the user to spin and send slash to the enemy by rendering good damage. Infernal Hurricane is another moveset the user can dash forward and slice the opponent. Both the movesets are strong and have good mobility and cooldown time.

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This sword is hard to obtain and renders relatively low damage to the opponent and some swords are even immune to its moves.


Added to the game in update 15 Cavander is also a legendary sword. It is a super solid weapon with advanced abilities and good damage speed and less lag. It is obtained by the players after defeating level 1950 Boss, Beautiful Pirate located in the Third Sea.

Out of its two-movesets Piercing Dash, one allows the player to hit multiple targets which scatter some purple flowers. The player can also send five air slashes turning the screen purple if they touch the enemy. The player can also move forward and produce purple and white flowers.

This sword gives you a decent grind and good Pvp but requires good aiming skills.


A legendary sword being added in update 1 to the game, can be upgraded to Bisento V2 by defeating raid boss Greybeard. For obtaining this sword the player must have level 250 and then buy it for 1,000,000 Robux in the game.

It is a high-damage sword capable of using Quake’s abilities. With its windbreaker moveset, it allows the user to launch four air slashes by using key Z. This knocks the enemy down within its range. Other Quakes Sphere moveset allows the user to launch a sphere that is translucent and does good damage in this sphere.

This sword provides good damage and grinding for multi-target but has some flaws in form of long cool-down timings after launching a moveset also it lacks stunning moves affecting its PvP. It is also very expensive the reason for placing it in the A tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list.

However, its V2 update was added in update 2 to the game and has proved to be much better than the sword. It is advanced in terms of moveset and both the movesets are able to deal AoE damage. The X move can easily trap the enemy and the Z move can knock them out within its good range. This update also lacked in the PvP area and also did not possess good combos.

Gravity Cane

This rare sword can be obtained by defeating the Fajita Boss in the game. Gravity Push is a moveset in the game that enables the user to create a column of gravity and do good damage to the opponent in this range. Another moveset Meteor Barrage makes a barrage of scattered meteors similar to the V skill of gravity. The most damage is done by the first hitting meteor and the rest of the meteors do only 1/10 of the damage done by the first meteor.

Gravity Cane is one sword having some pros and cons. Although it does good damage and depends less on the skills of the user, not really difficult to obtain and does good damage to the opponent. Still, it has some cons which made it come down to the A tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list. These cons are its small hitbox which makes it low in grinding abilities. Also, all the moves are very ground-based which limits the action.

This is a bearly used sword due to its low PvP and easy-to-be dodged moves. This sword does not move like other swords and is based on the gravity fruit, but it will not be wrong to call it the worst version of gravity fruit. It will be wise to choose the gravity fruit itself than this sword.

Hallow Scythe

It is a mythical sword added in update 16 of the game. This sword is obtained by defeating Raid Boss in level 2100. Like all other swords, this sword also has two movesets. One is Death Cyclone uses key Z to release an orange-black tornado and comes with a decent hitbox.

This move enables the user to knock back the enemies when hit by the tornado. Soul Execution is another moveset in which the user moves forward and grabs the enemy this moveset is not limited to single targets.

This is a decent sword with great damage and low cooldown timing. No startup timing is required which makes this sword good for PvP and high damage-causing ability. Still, its Z move is hard to grind and requires mastery skill level.


Jitte is another rare type of sword added in update 10. It is obtained with a 15% drop chance from Smoke Admiral. Its Smoke barrage moveset enables the user to send waves of smoke to the enemy which stuns them for 0.5 seconds. Smoke Apparation moveset enables the user to teleport to the enemy in the form of smoke. This also blinds the enemy for around 2 seconds. These movesets provide a good amount of great combos in the game.

This is a much more efficient sword with its high mobility and quality of blinding and stunning the enemy. With some decent combos, this sword made it to the A tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list. Although the damage done is less as it comes with a low hitbox and is hard to hit still is a decent sword in this game.

Midnight Blade

Added in update 12 to the game Midnight Blade is a legendary sword. It is obtained by getting 100 cytoplasms and giving them to El Amin at the Cursed Ship. Like all other swords this sword also has two movesets, one is Portal Opening by which as the name indicates you can open a blue portal by slashing the sword in the air, this portal sucks anything near it.

It deals with some decent damage but is not good in terms of range. Present Dash is another moveset using key X with which you can open a blue portal then disappear and explode again into blue spots. This moveset has a good range and deals with decent damage to the opponent.

This is overall a pretty decent sword with good damage, good combo potential, and good range. Still, it requires mastery skills and is not good for PvP.

Pole (2nd Form)

Pole (2nd form ) or Pole V2 is a legendary sword added in update 14 to the game. This sword can be obtained in the game by awakening all of the rumble’s moves but requires 250-level mastery.

You will also require 5000 Robux and 180-level mastery on Pole (1st form) in order to get this high stun weapon in the game. This sword made its way to the A tier of Blox Fruits Swords tier list because it is the best stunning sword in the game accompanied by the good range still has some minor cons so is not placed in the Stier.

Talking about the abilities or movesets this sword possesses, with its Hand of God moveset the user can fire 3 lightning sparks from its pole. These sparks have good range and are able to do good damage and stun the enemy. Electric Prison is another moveset in which the user can form an electric sphere and draw enemies in it to stun them.

Overall it is a decent-performing sword with the best combos and good damage and can drain half of the health of the enemy by a single attack. Still has some cons which are that it renders no damage to chop users, also the range of X move is very short and is not inescapable.

Soul Cane

A rare sword in Blox Fruits is sold for 750,000 Rubox in the Magma Village by the living skeleton. With its Soul Beam moveset, the user shoots a very high-speed ball that stuns the enemy if hit for 1.5 seconds and can hit multiple targets. In the second move, Soul Slashes the user slashes the enemy multiple times stunning him. Although the range of these slashes is very limited.

These two movesets can also be used as a combo. I think that the Soul Cane move should not be used as a starting combo as it has a small hitbox but if the enemy is already stunned you can use it.

This sword has some very good qualities so is placed in the A tier these are it has very high combo potential and stuns the enemy for a long period. It is also good for farming. The moves are fast and pair well with sword mains. It can also be used to counter dark combo but skill is required for that. Also, it is not put in the S tier of the Blox Fruits Sword tier list due to the reason that it has a small hitbox and needs good aiming skills. It has a short-range and also Chop is immune to its damage.

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Spikey Trident

Spikey Trident is a legendary sword added in update 17 to the game. It has a very low chance to be obtained by a player and can be obtained by a drop from Cake Prince Boss. With its Dough Hurricane and Flying Trident movesets, it can render damage to the enemy. In the Dough Hurricane ability the user dashes forward and while dashing if it hits the enemy it starts burrowing in the enemy’s chest while dashing. It yields good damage and stuns the enemy.

Flying Trident moveset enables the enemy to throw a beam of dough and hit the enemy and pull him. Both these moves are good for stunning, grinding, combos, and do good damage.

Still, this sword is placed in the A tier and not in the Stier because of its small hitbox, slow speed, and single-target moves.


Tushita is a legendary sword of Blox Fruits and is placed in the A tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list. It is added in update 15 to the game and requires level 2000 mastery. Out of its two movesets, one is Heavenly Lunges in which the user stabs continuously creating a circle that stuns the enemy when hit. Celestial Ravager is the second moveset in which a red slash is shot by the user with high speed dealing with good damage.

This sword possesses some good movesets, damage ability, and combos, and is easy to hit attack. Still has some cons or drawbacks which are that it is very hard to get and the movesets are exploited and can enable the enemy to attack you.

B Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (3)

The B tier is here with the average swords of the game which have some pros and cons. This is a mediocre tier and consists of swords that are average in performance and it will be an injustice to call them bad.


Koko is a legendary type of sword added in Update 10 of the game. A 5% drop chance can be obtained by defeating Raid Boss. Coming to its movesets, the Z key is used for the Electric Stab moveset by which the user comes forward to stab the enemy with an electric shock. This is not a single-target attack and can hit the enemy multiple times. This attack is also powered by a good hitbox so is easy to hit.

Talking about the second moveset, The Injection Shot, the user hits the enemy with a short but strong lightning projectile which yields good damage and a decent knockback. You can aim your target with help of your cursor and release your injection shot.

This sword has a good PCP and can also predict the opponent’s moves. The injection shot of this sword is very good for hybrids and deals with good damage. The movesets also have a good range along with some decent combos. However, the injection shot has a small end lag and long wind-up timings. Also, it requires mastery skills and is hard to obtain.

Pole (1st Form)

It is a legendary type of sword added to the game in update 14. This sword can be upgraded to a 2 form as well. Pole 1st form can be obtained with a 16% drop chance from the Thunder God found in Upper Island. Now coming to the movesets it has, Explosive Clouds is a moveset in which an invisible cloud is shot in the air which when hits a target yields electric thunder.

This renders good damage to the enemy and stuns them. The lightning Rain moveset enables the user to wave the pole in the air and create small clouds in the air, which then creates 3bolts of lightning when hits a target.

It is a mediocre sword and thus placed in the B tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list. The stuns are normal and do decent damage. However this sword is bad with AOE, and attacks are usually delayed and easy to escape.


Trident is a rare tree blade sword. Has two movesets like any other sword. Trident throw is a moveset that uses key Z and the user throws the trident with the attached rope towards the target. Although it does little damage and has a low range. Water Pulse is the second moveset with which the user surrounds a small shockwave around the user, this wave pushes the enemy back and does medium damage.

This sword is a good sword for beginners and quite good for grinding. You can knock down enemies and unwanted players in the game. However, this sword has a low range and is quite outclassed as compared to other swords in the game.

Triple Katana

This is an uncommon sword sold for 60,000 Robux at Frozen Village. Air Slashes Barrage moveset allows the user to cut through the air creating four blue slashes. Violent Rush charges the opponent leaving a green trail behind. This moveset has a good range and does good damage.

Triple Katana is a good sword for farming and also for beginners. This is a cheap sword and also offers good slashes. There are some cons that are that the Air Slashes moveset has a very short range. Violent Rush has a massive end lag.

Twin Hooks

Twin Hooks is an uncommon sword introduced in update 15 of the game. Wielded and dropped by Captain Elephant, this sword requires an 1875 level. It has a Sky Cyclone moveset by which the user does continuous damage to the enemy by creating a cyclone. Prehistoric Punt dashes at the opponent, launching them in the air and doing sufficient damage.

It is an average sword and can do good damage with good combos but is short-range and ineffective on Chop.

C Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (4)

The C tier of the Blox Fruit Sword tier list comprises some bad swords of the game which are not much efficient in terms of movesets and damaging abilities.

Dual-headed Blade

The dual-headed blade is a rare type of sword which is sold to the Master Sword Dealer at Skyland for 400,000 Beli in the game. Its moveset Assassinate the user moves forward splashing and spinning, destroying everything in its path. Key Z is used for this move. Another moveset that uses key X is Raging Wind. Using this the player can throw three tornadoes which destroy everything in their path. I would suggest you use the move X when close to the target.

This sword renders good damage but is useless for air attacks and no stun moves are available. Also, it is only effective for elemental users.


It is a rare sword that can be obtained by defeating Diamond Boss. The movesets include Annihilate, which uses key Z and enables the user to create slashes around himself doing normal damage. Glorious Smash is a moveset that enables turn to blur white and move in the direction of attack, after a short distance they create a shockwave that does good damage to the enemy.

The Z move can stun and knockback a little bit and is good in farming. The X moveset has a short range and needs to be close to the enemy for damage. This sword is not good for combos and has low damage as compared to other swords.


The pipe is a rare weapon obtained from the Frozen Village for 100,000 Rubox in the game. One of the two movesets is Rage Combo, which attacks multiple times on a single target. In the second moveset, Earth Smash smashes the ground to throw the enemy in the air and do good damage.

This sword is good for PvP, and combos. Still is not effective in many areas for example farming. It also has low range and movesets require the enemy to be close for an attack.

Shark Saw

This common sword can be obtained by killing Raid Boss, The Saw. The moveset Consecutive Slashes allows the user to slice seven times in front of him and stun and hit anything in its contact. The second moveset is Execution, in which the player moves forward by spinning and deals with good damage.

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All the attacks of this sword have endless along with a small hitbox. The attacks are also very short-ranged.

Warden Sword

Warden sword is a rare type of sword obtained by defeating Cheif Warden in Prison. The Z key moveset is a Multi-target slash, by which the user can knock the enemy back by creating blue shockwaves. X key moveset is the Tornado Slash, the user throws a tornado and knocks the enemy.

This sword requires low mastery skills, the moves are faster and have AOE. It is bad for combos, farming, and PvP. Also is bad at damage and range.

D Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (5)

The D tier consists of swords that are terrible in the game due to their useless movesets and worst damaging abilities.

Dual Katana

Dual Katana can be bought in the game for 12000 Rubox from the Pirate Village. Coming to movesets the Z key is used for Whirlwind is a cone-shaped attack for knockback. Tornado uses key X as another moveset which is an inverted cone-shaped attack for damaging the enemy.

This sword has a better range than Iron Mace due to its better range than Iron Mace still is not much damaging to the enemy which is the reason is placed in the D tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list.

Iron Mace

This is an uncommon sword sold for 25000 Robux on the Pirates Island of Blox Fruits. The Z moveset is the Mace Smash by which the user can smash the ground destroying the nearby enemy. X combo, the Killer Combo enables the user to smash air and destroy the nearby enemies.

Iron Mace is only a good sword for beginners. As it lacks in many areas be it close range, bad for fighting, and renders very low damage it is placed in the D tier of Blox Fruits Sword tier list.

F Tier

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: BEST Words To Win (6)

The swords I have placed in this tier are completely useless and of very low damage in the Blox Fruits game.


Cutlass is a common sword sold for 1000 Robux in the game. It has a Z moveset, Quite Rush, the user can simply dash forward for the attack. Another moveset that requires the X key is Air Slash, which enables the user to give away short ranged air slashes for damaging the enemy.

This is a completely useless sword with terrible damaging skills. Its short-ranged moves are of no use and very easy to dodge.


This sword is sold in the Pirates Islan for 1000 Robux. It has all the same movesets that Cutlass has and is also useless in terms of damage done to the enemy or range of attack. This is the reason for placing in the F tier.

Best Swords In Blox Fruits For Grinding And Pvp

Grinding and fighting enemies in PvP mode is a crucial part of Blox Fruits. Therefore, it is important to have the best sword possible even if you’re playing against Buddha or in the First Sea in Blox Fruits. Below are some of the best swords that you can use for Grinding, PvP, or in the First Sea of Blox Fruits.

Rengoku Sword

One of the best Legendary Tier swords in Blox Fruit is without a doubt the Rengoku sword. It is popular for causing the second greatest damage in the game after the Saber sword. Additionally, you can easily recognize it from a distance as no matter what color you choose for the sword the outline glow will always remain red.

In order to obtain the Rengoku Sword, you will need to get the Hidden Key from the Awakened Ice Admiral. Also, it has a very good combo potential so you will be able to grind with the sword quite easily.


One of the most popular and highly damaging swords you get in Blox Fruits. The powerful sword is one of the three Legendary swords that you can get from the Legendary Sword Dealer. Additionally, the AOE of this sword is extremely high and the damage from impact is quite powerful too. However, you will need the True Triple Katana in order to wield the sword. Also, it costs about 2 million Bones. Thus, the Shisui sword is the Best Blox Fruits sword for the end game.

Saber Sword

When it comes to grinding Saber is probably the best Blox Fruits Sword in Roblox. Used by the saber expert, the sword can deliver outstanding damage output, and the version 2 saber is even better than its previous variant. However, for grinding we do recommend using the version one Saber sword as it can deal some reasonable damage. For PvP modes, however, using version two might be a viable option.

Darkblade Sword

One of the best Roblox Blox Fruits swords for PvP is the Dark Blade sword which can deal significant damage to the enemy. The Mythical Sword was added in Update 1 and you can upgrade it by completing The Son Quest. There is also a very cool skin that you can get for the sword called the Slayer Skin. If you are looking to execute some great combos in the game then the Dark Blade sword is the one to go for.

You can use any of those words above if you’re looking to level up in the PvP modes of the game. The swords mentioned above are also good for grinding and have the highest damage among the other Blox Fruit Swords.

It’s a Wrap

To conclude it all, my Blox Fruits Sword tier list is a complete guide for you about the abilities, movesets, and drawbacks of all 31 swords of the Blox Fruits game. This tier list is a complete ranking system about the swords which are put into six tiers according to their abilities, amount of damage there render and use in the game. Well now, this tier list has come to an end and I personally assure you that I have used my full abilities and have done immense research for compiling this tier list.

I have tried my best to cover every aspect and quality of attack of each sword in this game while ranking them into tiers. For all the Blox Fruits fans out there, I hope that my tier list will be of some help to you in selecting your respective sword to play with.

As this tier list not only provides you with the ranking of the swords but also explains all about the abilities, movesets, and the amount of damage every single sword of the game possesses.

Hope that you will agree with my ranking of Blox Fruits swords, if not it’s completely fine as we all have different opinions and preferences in the game and should respect each other’s opinions. I would like to remind you of the fact that this Blox Fruits Sword tier list is completely based on how I think about the swords and my research about them.

This tier list is clean of all errors and is checked and rechecked by senior writers and is not welcome to any sort of criticism. However, your opinion is of great respect to us and we are open to discussions in the comment section.

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Which sword is best in Blox fruits? ›

1) Dark Blade/Yoru

Dark Blade is the strongest sword in Roblox Blox Fruits.

What is the best fruit in Blox fruit tier list? ›

Blox Fruit tier list – the best devil fruit
APhoenix, Rumble, Control, Light, Magma, Flame, Quake, String, Barrier,
BIce, Sand, Paw, Door, Gravity Revive, Diamond
CLove, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon
DSpin, Spike, Kilo, Chop, Bomb
1 more row
29 Sept 2022

Is sword main better than fruit Main in Blox fruits? ›

It depends alot on you. They both have their own advantage. Fruits certainly have more damage and skills, but they lack in speed and generally have end lags.

Which is better iron mace or dual katana? ›

Both are good but mace deals more damage and also what are your stats? You can only max out 3 stats at max so what main do you want to be gun? sword? or just fruit.

What are the 3 mythical swords in Blox fruits? ›

Mythical Swords
  • Yoru / Dark Blade.
  • True Triple Katana (TTK)
  • Hallow Scythe.
  • Cursed Dual Katana (CDK)

Is wardens sword better than saber? ›


Is Dough better than Buddha? ›

Buddha is better in terms of grinding and PvP. People who say Dough only care about it's damage.

How much is Robux venom? ›

Roblox Blox Fruits Venom
Tier RankS
Beli Cost3,000,000
Robux Cost2,450
ChancesStock Chance of 1.2%, Spawn Chance of 1.02%
2 more rows
31 May 2022

What is the best PvP fruit? ›

The Best Fruits for PvP

While the game's constant updates can make ranking them difficult, it's mostly acknowledged that Dragon is one of, if not the best Fruit for PvP. This Fruit is so powerful for fighting other human players that you'll find it almost ridiculous when fighting others.

What is the best sword in Blox fruits for PvP? ›

Saber v2 does the most damage for swords in the game. And that's right.

What's better soul cane or saber? ›

Saber deals more damage and has that one single combo that deals insane damage, Soul Cane has like a bajillion combos but deals a lot less damage.

What is the best sword in first sea Blox fruits? ›

what is the best sword in first sea? Saber V2. Most people say it's Bisento V2 but saber's faster and deals the highest damage in the game.

What is the best melee in Blox fruits? ›

Superhuman is unarguably the best Fighting style in Blox Fruits because of its super high combo potential and good damage. Players can use it for Raids as well as mobility.


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