Cyber Security Degrees in Georgia | Don't Miss This List! (2022)

Cyber Security Degrees in Georgia

In Georgia, students have many colleges and universities to choose from. If a student wants a career in cyber security, only some of the colleges offer that programming. Of the 139 schools listed on the US Department of Ed’s College Scorecard, 12 offer cyber sec degrees. The colleges that offer cyber security in Georgia based on the number of 2018 graduates include:

  • Kennesaw State University – 50 graduates
  • Gwinnett Technical College – 41 graduates
  • Chattahoochee Technical College – 34 graduates
  • Augusta Technical College – 32 graduates
  • Georgia State University – 22 graduates
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Main Campus – 12 graduates
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College – 11 graduates
  • Georgia Military College – 5 graduates
  • Albany Technical College – 4 graduates
  • Strayer University Georgia – 4 graduates
  • Augusta University – 2 graduates
  • Georgia Piedmont Technical College – 1 graduate

Online Cyber Security Programs in GA

Cyber is a degree that lends itself well to online education. Because the study focuses on computers and commuter security, students can enjoy the flexibility of online course work. Not all colleges that offer cyber security in Georgia offer online programs. These are some that do:

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State has partnered witheMajor, a University System of Georgia degree completion partnership, to offer a BS in Cyber Security. This degree taps the talent of KSU’s on-campus faculty that teach Business Admin in Info Security and Assurance, IT, and Criminal Justice classes. This means students develop not only tech skills but also business and criminal justice understanding. All students of the online program automatically earn an IT major, and they can choose to add criminal justice or crisis prep minors as well.

KSU also offers an MS in Cyber Security that students can complete online. The school’s BBA in Info Sec and Assurance is also available online or as a hybrid program. It is also an NSA Center of Excellence school.

Strayer University

At Strayer, the BS in IT Cyber Security is available fully online. This immersive program aims to build skills in digital forensics and managing online risk. The degree requires 40 courses to complete. Grads are prepared for CompTIA and EC-Council certification exams to launch their careers.

Strayer also has an MS in Information Assurance that is fully online. This program takes the skills built in the undergrad degree further, helping students learn not only to identify risk but also how to design security plans to avoid it.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech offers an MS in Cyber Security that is fully available online through its School of Computer Science. This program provides access to the same top instruction in info security, publicpolicy, and energy systems as the on-campus program. The online environment provides flexibility. The program takes two to three years to complete.

At Georgia Tech, three of the school’s colleges each offer an MS in Cyber Sec. This includes the School of Computer Science, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the School of Public Policy. Each school has a distinct focus. The School of CS offers a tech focus. The School of ECE offers anengineering systemsfocus. The School of PUBP offers a policy focus. Georgia Tech is an NSA Center of Excellence.

Georgia Military College

TheAS in Cyber Securityat Georgia Military College is fully online. This program studies programming, networking, security, and data structures. The GMC degree program helps prep students for entry-level jobs in the field or for further education in a four-year program. The robust program includes 30 quarter hours in the degree field. TheGuide to Online Schoolsnamed GMC one of the top 10 online community colleges in the state in 2020.

Albany Technical College

Albany Tech offers an AAS in Computer Info Systems Cyber Security. This program includes 15 general courses and 57 degree-specific courses, and it is available completely online or on-campus. After graduation, students have the skills they need to seek work as info sec specialists.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College

GPTC offers a fully online AAS in Cyber Forensics Tech degree. This degree explores both computer and tech skills as well as criminal justice. This is an affordable option and provides flexibility for adult learners.

Cyber Scholarships in GA

Georgia does not have many state specific scholarship programs for cyber degree programs. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. These are some of the few that are available.

Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship

The Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship is available to a student with an active Amateur Radio License Class who resides in Georgia or Alabama. While it’s not cyber specific, preference goes to students studying computer or electronics fields. A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required. The scholarship awards one $1,000 award every year.

Lieutenant General Douglas D. Buchholz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship awards $2,000 to a service member at Fort Gordon who is pursuing a STEM degree at an accreditedschool.Students must be at a four year school and have a minimum of 15 semester hours complete. The student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must submit an essay on how the student will use the degree to benefit the country or the Department of Defense.

HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship is a Georgia scholarship for students with a GPA of 3.0 orhigher.This tuition assistance program requires the student to maintain that GPA throughout their college years. While it’s not cyber specific, the HOPE Scholarship is available to all Georgia students who have qualifying GPAs.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Georgia

Georgia, and particularly Atlanta, is popular as a place to host meetings. The cyber world has many events in the area. These provide opportunities for cyber students and those in their careers to learn about the field’s latest issues. They also give the chance to network with other cyber pros. Some of the top events to attend include:

Atlanta Cyber Sec Conference

Hosted at the Sheraton Atlanta, the Atlanta Cyber Sec Conference includes a CISCO panel. Data Connectors hosts this event.

Atlanta Cyber Sec Summit

This annual summit brings together senior execs and C-Suite professionals to discuss cyber issues with info security experts. Attendees benefit from interactive panels and discussions.

Hacker Halted

This annual IT security conference from EC-Council takes place in Atlanta. Breakout talks, panels, networking, presentations, and ethical hacker training are all part of the event.

BSides Atlanta

BSidesAtlanta brings together Atlanta-area cyber pros to build networks and expand knowledge in the field.

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Sec Conference

This conference explores cyber issues in the industrial space. It takes place in Atlanta.

Cyber Meetups in Georgia

In addition to the workshops and conferences, many Georgia groups host cyber related meetups. Some of them include:

Atlanta Cyber Security for Control Systems

This group has regular meetups in Atlanta. Its goal is to connect area professionals with each other to further knowledge in the cyber world.

OWASP Atlanta

The Open Web App Security Project meets regularly in Atlanta to discuss webbased threats.

Cloud Security Alliance Atlanta

This group meets to discuss cloud related security issues, new insight, and certification.

Go Cyber Security Training Group

This group offers free cyber training to help people get started in their career field.

Cyber Security Jobs in Georgia

A job in cyber has strong income potential. Those properly trained in the field are also in high demand ina number ofindustries.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for cyber security jobs in Georgia in 2018 was $94,490 a year or $45.43 an hour. The employer, education, and experience all play a role in how much cyber professionals make.

Georgia has many employers who hire cyber pros. Some of these are federal contractors. Those looking for cyber jobs can check with these companies:

Southern Company

This federal contractor employs cyber pros and works in the energy sector. They have a facility in Atlanta.

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