Endorse - Kiesel For Judge (2023)

Jason Benjamin, Attorney
Having practiced family as a colleague of Diana and then before her when she was a Court Commissioner for almost 25 years, I could not offer a more enthusiastic endorsement than I do her for Judge. As a jurist, she is fair, thoughtful and respectful to the litigants and their counsel. Diana would make a fabulous judge.

Barbara Gelman, Former Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer, and Pierce County Counsel member
Congratulations to Diane who has the courage to enter the political race for judge in Pierce County! Let’s all get behind her toward her victory!!!!

Sheri Fontana, Attorney
Thank you running and creating a chance for all litigants to have their litigation tried by a dedicated and knowledgeable judicial officer. Keep up the fight for fairness to all individuals who find themselves in the legal system!

Asking all of you who may have a reason to go to court. Think of how important it is to be able to rely on the Judge , a stranger, to make a decision that is right for you. When you’re thinking about that, think about how critical it is to have someone on the bench that is committed to fairness and to following the law. If you want that for your community, vote Diana Kiesel for Judge.

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Melissa Alton, Paralegal
I had the privilege of working for Diana in 2004 until she took the bench as Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner in 2009.

Her integrity is superlative and no one else deserves this more. She one of the hardest working individuals I know and someone we need on our Superior Court bench.

Eileen Simon, Retired Paralegal
I have known Diana Kiesel for over 20 years and worked with her for well over a decade. Her integrity, even-handedness, and honesty are rare. I wholeheartedly endorse her for judge. She has dedicated herself to educating the public and heightening knowledge regarding the law and legal practice and procedure. Her aim is always to help people SOLVE problems.

The care and concern she displays for our youngest residents is sincere and obvious. Her concern for the elderly, the incapacitated, and the underprivileged is unwavering. Pierce County – indeed, any place that wants dedicated, intelligent, fair judicial officers who are up-to-the-minute regarding the law and its application – would be lucky to have Diana Kiesel on the bench as a Superior Court judge. Her grasp of the law in every area is remarkable. She is extremely well qualified, indeed.

Howard Comfort, Attorney
Whole-hearted endorsement of this very well-qualified judicial officer.

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Donna Person-Smith, Attorney
She is an excellent Commissioner and will make an excellent Judge.

Loretta Baker, Retired
Having known Diana for more than 40 years first as a legal secretary, then as law student, then as an attorney in her private practice (Family Law) then as Commissioner in Pierce County Superior Court. I am constantly impressed with her knowledge of the rule of law, her unfailing dedication to her profession and above all fairness in all she does. Having said all of that why would she not be an excellent judge to the Superior Court Bench?

Carlos Sosa, Attorney
Proud to endorse a very hard working and compassionate judicial officer. She will make a great Superior Court Judge who will put families first.

Corinne Dixon, Attorney
Commissioner Diana Kiesel works to ensure that our judicial system maintains its integrity and respect. She has spent her entire career working to improve access to the courts for all. She is known among her peers for preparedness, hardwork, respect for the law and the values of justice and equity. “Exceptionally Well Qualified” ratings from diverse groups of attorneys reflects her unquestioned fitness to serve as Superior Court Judge. She is one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for Pierce County Superior Court.

Gerry Neil, Attorney
I have been practicing law in Pierce County since 1973. I have seen judges come and go, some good ones, some not-so-good. I can’t remember how long I have known and worked with Diana Kiesel, but a long time. I have one thing to say about Diana, she will be a GREAT JUDGE. I do not know a person who spends more time being prepared, being fair, and who is devoted to her profession.

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Desiree Hosannah, Attorney
We could not have a better candidate for Judge than Commissioner Diana Kiesel! I highly recommend her! She is fair, hard-working, honest, and empathetic. We need her on the Superior Court bench.

Floyd Chapman, Attorney
Truly well qualified.

Rachel Heatwole, Hotel Night Auditor
Diana has spent her career improving our community in many different ways. Her vast professional experience, legal knowledge and long list of qualifications only begin to demonstrate why she would make an excellent judge. Aside from her impressive resume, Diana’s commitment and dedication to her career, the members of our society and the law prove she’s not just an excellent choice, but the best choice for judge!

Dan Barkley, Mediator
I’ve watched Diana Kiesel bring a compassionate strength with her to the bench in juvenile and family law courtrooms. The stories that find their way into these courts are rarely straightforward or happy. I represented a wide variety of clients before Commissioner Kiesel, and she heard hundreds of those stories. During that time, she did just what I would hope a judge would do. She listened as if she cared, and she decided the cases seriously and fairly. She represents the best of the legal profession, whether as a fierce advocate for her clients or by mentoring countless members of the Pierce County Bar.

Carlos Sosa, Attorney
Great Commissioner, will miss her on the Commissioner Bench after she is elected but will love to be before her as a Judge on any type of case. This is a person who has worked hard at every level and will be an outstanding superior court judge.

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Brian Sonntag, Former Pierce County Auditor
After being endorsed by the Washington State Veterans’ Bar Association, Nice job. They’re recognizing your background, experience and fitness to serve on the Superior Court.

Matthew Thomas, Judge Appointed by Governor Inslee (Sept. 2020)
Commissioner Diana Kiesel cares about keeping the judicial branch of government strong. She developed a mentoring program for new lawyers. She invited experienced lawyers to come speak with new lawyers during lunchtime. It was a very effective mentoring program. Commissioner Kiesel makes time to attend Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association meetings and to write legal practice articles for the bar magazine. Commissioner Kiesel has a proven record of supporting the work of the judiciary. Please join me in supporting her for Pierce County Superior Court Judge.

John Miller, Judge
I strongly endorse Diana for Superior Court Judge. Her impact as a Superior Court Commissioner by her compassion, empathy and dedication have been unmatched. Her willingness to work with all of our society is what makes Diana such a great choice for Judge. Her experience and her commitment to the rule of law coupled with her extra ordinary work ethic makes her my choice for Judge.

Kim April, Attorney
I had the good fortune of being one of Diana’s first interns, and I had the privilege to work for her and be mentored by her for the first 10 years of my career. She has the knowledge, temperament, passion and dedication to serve the citizens of Pierce County as Superior Court Judge, and she has proven it by the last 10 years of service as a Court Commissioner. I highly endorse Diana Kiesel for Judge.

Kevin Rundle, Family Law Attorney
There is NO ONE more qualified for this position than Diana Kiesel. Diana was a well respected and fantastic attorney, a fantastic mediator, a fantastic court commissioner, and undoubtedly will be a great superior court judge!!


Frank Yslas, Retired Seattle City Light
Diana was always committed to helping people, even before she became a Superior Court Commissioner. I met Diana at a low period in my life over 20 years ago. I was getting a divorce. I called Diana’s office and she answered her phone on a Saturday and she agreed to immediately see me. She filed an emergency motion on Monday to get custody of my boys, ages five and three. I ended up in the court system battling my ex-wife with Diana at my side. My ex-wife filed motions sometimes twice per month. At times I could not afford to pay Diana but she always worked with me on the bill. It took two years of hard fighting before I was awarded custody of the boys. My children are now young men. I am so grateful for Diana’s commitment to me and my boys. Thank you Diana.


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