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Job interviews are difficult for everyone. That’s true. But having some job interview conversation questions and answers sample in English will make this effort easy. However, they are more difficult in a second or third language. You feel worried about your grammar and choice of words. Will you get stuck? What if you do not understand the question? And then fear that anyone is judging your English. In this article, I am going to talk about job interview conversation samples.

Job interview conversation sample

The best suspicion, fear, and anxiety were preparing. Knowing what to expect in preparations, understanding job interview questions, and interviews, and eventually involving in practice. With practice, you become more confident. And that means you must do good in an interview with a job interview conversation example.

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You can find the common questions that you can expect in your work interview, to understand the interviews you really want to know, and to get your answers ready, with some case studies as well as examples of conversation job interview questions and answers.

What to say during a job interview conversation

We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the most effective expressions to use in an interview. However, do not forget to use common sense when you include these statements in your interview.

You do not think to hit each single: In fact, that may be a little stupid word. You do not want to sound like a robot that vibrates pre-planned statements that are not suitable for a broader english interview conversation.

Instead, when it comes to understanding, include it in your back pocket for interview conversation for fresher.

Keep in mind that you should not repeat these statements verbatim, or in order, they are listed as examples of a job interview conversation.

Instead, use your own words to display the original idea and correctly insert each of your thoughts, so the conversation flows naturally with an example of a job interview conversation.

You should say something in an interview here with job interview sample dialogue.

Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other sample interview conversation.

Example of a job interview conversation: Case study 01

Especially when setting up the stage for the initial interview, I usually want to “sell the candidate” with the idea of working for our firm, at the same time trying to decide whether he has his ability and ability to work and fit into our company with job interview sample dialogue.

As for the progress of the interview round, especially for high-level critical positions, I would like to emphasize more on trying to assess the candidate’s ability. Clear references from previous employers can often be difficult, many will be raised during the interview process to judge the feasibility of a candidate.

In addition, I want to check an employee during an interview to try hard to find and try to find myself in search of employer/employee relationships discouraged on the street.

Mason Adams (Employer Employer): Emma Smith, I guess? I met Mason Adams, I met you.

Emma Smith (Candidate): It is also good to meet you!

Attention: The first impression is not right for the job seeker’s candidate; They are the matter for the employer. A great way to start a warm handshake, a warm greeting, good eye contact, and a strong handshake – and, of course, the job is not waiting for the candidate!

Mason Adams: Thanks for visiting us today! I was very impressed with your resume. Oh, and I noticed that your last job was just a few blocks from here? Do you like this area?

Emma Smith: Thank you, and thank you for seeing me. Yes, I’ve worked on the street right now. I find it a good place to work and find a simple trip for me.

Attention: Thanks to the job seeker, it helps to establish a more spoken, interactive voice interview and sample interview conversation. And appreciating finding a job on his resume helps set a positive, more relaxed, and more open footprint interview. The previous position note was only linked to a little talk, what you would like to do for a few minutes at the beginning of the interview. Do not just Attention to an employee’s face or dress in the telephone conversation for a job interview.

Mason. So, your resume shows that both of your last two jobs are in keeping with the open positions?

Emma: Yes, they do. I feel very well prepared for this opening. I’ve had difficult experiences at all levels of work.

Attention: This is an open-ended question. Mason is open to the job-seeker and is trying to talk about his past position and his expectations for this position. If this position resembles its last two positions, why would he want to leave? It really is not development; Could there be any problem with the last job?

Mason: How will this work be different from your current situation?

Emma: Although the job is quite similar, I think the company’s situation is quite different. In my current job, I think that my hard work should be limited to my job description. I can not really interact with people in other departments, for example, I will not go through my boss. He is not a bad person. But there is a limit I can do and I can not do the job.

Attention: This is looking for Mason. He is basically trying to get Emma to explain the real reason why he is looking to make a parallel move to move in the sample interview dialogue.

Mason: Do you expect any other thing?

Emma: I have done my job well and have contributed a lot. But promotion and salary increase slow in my current firm time. This is really an environment where seniority is important for at least performance. I hope to get a good compensation package.

Attention: Emma is talking in an apparently open fashion. You want to see what happens as a conversation during the interview.

Mason, what are you looking for compensation?

Emma: I do not have any exact picture, but I’m very safe to move away from the current situation, it will be interesting.

Attention: Mason Emma is trying to get the right salary expectation or at least one range so that he can quickly spend time talking to him and if he continues his interview then what will he do to renounce it? Emma cleverly avoids questions.

Mason, do you want to earn me?

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Emma: My main salary is in the middle of the ’90s, and my bonus can run more than 15 percent or more.

Attention: Now there is a fantastic idea of what Mason Emma is looking for. Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.

Mason: Without daily client servicing, can you tell me about a specific initiative, which is especially proud of your current location?

Emma: More than anyone else in my office, I led my clients aggressively to alternative investments. It just did not come in slightly higher revenues, but it reduced their volatility, and I feel more important, strengthen my relationship with them, and keep their faith in me. I have shared this office with some managers in my office and they started following this model.

Attention: What Mason is trying to try here is that Emma has just completed the job description after completing her work in the interview and interviewer conversation. Here Emma is not just such a wonderful example, but her colleagues seem to be expanding beyond her current work title, helping her to act as a leader in the job interview ESL questions.

Mason: You mentioned earlier that you felt somewhat – perhaps your term is “Stuffed”. I wonder if I could compare or contrast your previous bosses. And I wonder if you can feel how your boss can get your best job from you?

Emma: My previous boss was great. I met him a lot and learned a lot from him. He gave me specific goals and goals, and always wanted to be there for advice when he needed it, but unlike my current boss, I did not think he was constantly watching me. Although he contacted direct to other departments, he was very comfortable; He was not at all in that area. But I keep him aware of important issues and are aware of any correlation with other departments. So I would say this is a wonderful model about how the previous boss is to get my best work done.

Attention: Mason wanted to test especially and wanted to see if he would complain against his other bosses. And he wanted to see how well Emma’s style could work in his office conversation of interviewer and interviewee. Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other interviewer and interviewee dialogue.

Mason: Can you tell me about your system to clients? How is it different from the people around you? Have you changed the employer and it has changed a lot?

Emma: I am working with a high-paying, highly educated client, and I respect them. Unlike some of my colleagues, I do not think my job is to sell their new products. Instead, I think that my value has been added to educate them about new products and then let them decide whether it works for them.

Every client situation I see as unique. Everyone has a different return/risk profile. And each time used to consider a new product and takes a different amount of education. I do not push the product. But at the same time, my adoption rate of alternative products became the highest in the office over time. My clients respect me and I respect them. Underscore this in my high referrals rate.

Attention: To compare Emma with her colleagues and compare her style, Mason Suzanne was able to speak openly about herself, how she was able to draw a lovely picture of how she works in the job interview in English conversation.

Mason: Emma, I know you have to go; You have to get your lunch and work back here. But I really have heard that I like it. I think your style may fit well on the exceptional and you may feel very happy here. I’ll be back to you soon to follow some colleagues as well as some of my colleagues.

Emma: Great words. I’ve heard positive things about your firm.

Remarks: Mason showing Emma respect to his request that this interview is appropriate in his luncheon in the telephonic interview conversation in English. He made it very clear that he was very interested to continue the discussion in the interview conversation for fresher.

And he tried to appeal to his desire to find a place to work that would enjoy, even more, especially the salary did not decide to say anything more in the phone interview conversation. If he can give him a job he provides high wages, but he wants to tell Emma that he understands the non-compensation aspects of the job is very important.

This dialogue job interview was short, but it was very real. The focus of the conversation between manager and employee interview was very fitting and with both the owner and style of the company and with the company. Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.

Telephonic interview conversation for fresher: Case study 02

Interviewer: Welcome to Pixel ABC Controls I’m William.
Interview: Hello, nice to meet you.
Interviewer: It’s great to meet you, how are you today?
Interview: I am fine, and you?
Interviewer: Great, thanks. I hope we will not wait for a long time?
Interview: No, I had an opportunity to talk to an engineer while you were waiting.
Interviewer: It’s good. Pixel, will we start?
Interview: Yes, sure.
Interviewer: First of all, introduce yourself to me. I am the manager of our engineering department here and we have an open position, so we are interviewing applicants to fill the position as soon as possible.
Interview: Yes sir, I read about the location of your website, and I think I’m well fit.
Interviewer: At present we have a number of ongoing projects and the team is working hard. We’re hoping to keep busy for a long time.
Interview: What are the requirements for location?
Interviewer: This is an entry-level engineering position, we provide a lot of training here. But we need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. A plus experience in the field before.
Interview: What kind of experience do you work for?
Interviewer: Although we provide training, even if you have some programming experience, knowledge of database systems, or developing application skills, it would be great.
Interview: My final school project is actually creating a mobile application, so I think it’s fair to develop mobile and web apps.
Interviews are good to hear, graduate from school?
Interviewer: I was a student at DEF University and I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. I have been working as a computer lab teacher in the school for almost 2 years. By helping students learn through their projects, I get to experience various programming languages.
Interview: Are you looking for a job?
Interviewer: Jobs will certainly help to increase my career. I will be happy to learn and grow as I work for an enthusiastic company like you.
Interviewer: You’re all right. There is plenty of room for our company’s progress. What are your powers? Why should I hire you?
Interview: I am a hardworking person and a quick educator. I’m very interested in learning. It’s very easy for me to work with my friends.
Interview: Very good. Now, what do you think of overtime work?
Interview: No, I do not.
Interviewer: Because we never get overwhelmed with heavy balance.
Interview: I understand the nature of the job. When I was going to school, I took several courses each semester while working for at least twenty hours per week. And, I manage that situation very well.
Interview: Do you have any questions?
Interview: No, I think there is a great understanding of my requirements. I believe that I can handle it easily and the training you provide sounds wonderful. I hope you have the chance to work for you.
Interviewer: Pixel, it’s nice to meet you. I can say that you are a good candidate. Expectations to hear from us in a week.
Interview: Very well you interview. Thanks for the time.
Interview: Thank you for coming.

Job interview dialogue script: Case study 03

How much work have you interviewed?

I have been interviewing 7 working days since September

What was the positive side? What was the negative side?

People seem interested in my profile. But I think I will show more encouragement and motivation. Sometimes they ask technical questions, when I’m not sure about the answer, I keep my density and my strength separate.

Have you ever visited a job interview and thought that this was your job. Do you understand

My previous work is yes

Have you ever visited a job interview and thought that you will not get a job and then it has been given?

No, I do not

Do you have more than one interview for the same job?

Yes, I used to do at least 2 interviews for the same job

Have you turned down a job after an interview? Why?

No, I do not

Have you ever been to a job interview if you are working and are not actually looking for another job?

Yes I already have This is a good training

Keep the following on the basis of the effect on the job interview:

5 / Dress 4 / Resume 3 / Social Skills 1 / General Job Experience 2 / Similar Job Work Experience


For the effect of taking the job, keep the following:

2 / pay 4 / schedule 1 / workplace atmosphere 5 / company size 3 / home distance

How did you find out about the interview? At an employment agency? Inside the printing press?

I mostly found the interview on the internet via LinkedIn. Sometimes headhunters that contact me or I have direct application for work

Have you ever been intensified?

Yes, I have Every week I received messages from at least one head.

What are you looking for for interview interviews?

The person who is sent and sent to work about interviewing is confident

Are you interviewed as an interested person interviewed?

How I’m Encouraged by Jobs at the interview, how he seems to be funny.

Do you think that interviews should be done by a professional, such as a psychologist, or the person you are going to work directly with?

I will be interviewed by the person who is going to work. Because it’s the next person I’m going to see every day
Doing an interview

Have you ever interviewed for a job?

Yes, I have had to appoint two people in my last job, so I prepared many interviews for good-looking.

Do you think it is easy to select the candidate from an interview?

Yes, when you interview about 10 people, you have something in them that is important to you: your skills, motivation, social skills ..

Did you ever interview the same candidate more than once?

No, I was not

If there are two candidates with the same job experience and specific skills for the job, keep the following to influence the final choice:

2 / age 4 / gender 3 / marital status 1 / social skills

Social skills are more important than a job interview for a job interview?

It depends on the job. If there is work that restores the technical skills, then an information scientist, for example, would pay more attention to technical expertise.

People often comment with experience in a job interview that there is very little or no idea about the actual job requirements of the person interviewing them and only there is “the first filter”. What do you think of this?

Yes for example when creating a headhunter or human resources first interview. They just check for a few points like motivation, availability, and pay.

Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.

Job interview conversation in English: Case study 04

These are some of the common questions that people’s job interviews are asked. You can use them in role plays Very often an interview is based on a CV and your students want to prepare a prior one.

These questions will not be suitable in all situations, you have to choose as appropriate. Before asking the question, ask students questions to ask questions based on the response of the first student.

Most of these questions are “no-win” kind of difficult, you can let your students think about them before exercising, or alternatively how many times they can run the exercise so that they feel confident about getting feedback.

Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.


Tell me about your eligibility.
What was (or is) the study of your favorite area?
Tell me about your previous work experience.
A high level of work is needed in written and spoken English. How would you describe your English power?
Let me know about how often you used English in your earlier job and what did you use
What have you done to keep yourself up to date in your chosen profession?
Why do you prefer to work in this sector?

Current job

(If you are currently unemployed, ask about the last thing.)

Will you describe your current success as your biggest success?
What gives you the most pleasure in your current work?
What do you want at least about your current work?
What are the biggest weaknesses in your current work?
What is your biggest weakness as a professional?
If a new person is to join your current company, then what advice would you give them?
Why are you going to quit your current job?
Tell me about one thing you will change your current work.
If I talked to your current boss, how would you describe him?
How do you describe your current boss management style?
Do you work more hours a week than you are actually paying for? If so, why?


Do you think that you deal with people or with machines and systems?
Do you prefer to work as a team member or do you prefer to work alone on projects?
If you consider yourself to be a good “team player,” can you give me an example of team projects involving in the past?
Do you want to order or take them?
What is the main thing that gets you out in bed every morning?
If you feel that your boss made a big mistake, then was it impossible for him to misunderstand him?
How do you manage that situation if you face conflicts with a colleague of your colleagues?
Why do you want to work for us?
We have nine candidates shortlisted for this job. Why would we give it to you and not anyone else? Your special power or experience that makes you different? (Remember – why should they hire this question – why do not you want a job.)

Future Plan

The company will have to spend time and money training for this role. Is this the purpose of your stay with the company for some time or the purpose of getting the initial experience of your work?
More than two hundred job seekers applied for this job. You tell me why I choose you?
Do you have an aim to work for a small company or a giant? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each case?
What do you want to do for the last ten years?

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job interview conversation script: Case study 05

At the beginning of the interview, your goal is to create the first strong impression of the interview. You want to present yourself as humble, professional, and honest.

Do not spend too much time in happiness, remember that your interview is a person who would appreciate the general courtesy. Your interview on this right foot will start off!

Start interviewing with a humble salute
“How are you today?”
“I’m happy to meet you!”
Thank you for interviewing with you for interview
“Thank you for taking the time to meet me today.”
Please mention who you know the company
“_____ told me that this position was open when I was very excited!”
Express your gratitude for the consideration
“I really appreciate being considered for this role.”
You’ve been introducing roles and company research
“I’ve already done much research, and I’m curious to know more about your company from you.”

Point out that you fit a great fit for the job.
“I’ve reviewed the job description, and it’s well-arranged with my experience and eligibility. I look forward to discussing with you more about this issue.”

Receiving an interview, your main concern will be to answer the questions of the interview. However, if possible, we should kneel in the following statements:

Convey that you’re a team player
“I consider working to be one of my strengths with others.”
Recommend that you will plan to stay with the company
“This role is consistent with my long-term goals, and I really want to continue building this company’s career.”
You are personally and professionally interested in developing and willing to develop yourself
“I always want to build my skills, and I recently took a course (read a book, studied a subject, etc.) which I think has made my edge really sharp.”

At the end of the interview

The end of the interview is the opportunity to ask your questions, which are important for showing the company’s genuine interest. You should demonstrate social intensity by stopping the impressive interview.

The company you researched and want to know more about _____
“I’ve studied a lot about this institution, and I really love you about _____. Can you tell me more about _____?”
Ask what goals the company is trying to fill in this quarter
“Can you tell me more about the goal you are trying to fill in this quarter?”
Convey that you really want to work- and why it’s repeated
“I want to work here because of _____.”
Say that you are ready for the next step
“Position sounds like a great fit. I’m ready for the next step, so if you need anything else from me, please let me know.”

Thank you for interviewing for their time
Thanks again for chatting today! Have a great rest of your day. “

After the interview

You accepted the meeting you enjoyed: “I really enjoyed learning more about this role.”
Thank you for interviewing for their time: “Thank you very much for taking the time to talk today.”
Repeat that you are fit for the condition: “As I mentioned, after knowing more about your activity, I firmly believe that my competence makes me a great fit for this role.”
Keep the communication channels open: “In case you do have further questions about my expertise and experience, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to schedule another time to chat.”

Express your enthusiasm for the opportunity: “I will be happy to work with this organization.”

Job interview conversation question with answer 01: So, tell about yourself

This is the most common question to start in an interview.

The biggest mistake in this answer is to shorten the history of their resume or their entire work. But the interview does not want that.

Instead, you’re ready to say a few things about your achievement, strength, and short summary of your career. Do not forget to keep your answers brief with a 60-to-90-second answer.

This question is so important in the job interview so I have a complete lesson of this general question. You can get it here: Number 1 Job Interview in English Question- Tell me about you.

Job Interview Conversation - Questions and Answers Sample - Career Cliff (1)

Job interview conversation question with answer 02: Because you want to do this work

Example Question:

Why are you interested to join this job/ position?

With these questions, highlight what you show about jobs. But focus on specific job responsibilities or company values and missions.

Are you excited about interacting with clients and solving problems? Do you want to work with numbers and save money on the company? Perhaps you love the company’s products and you are excellent at growing sales.

Focus on what you do and what motivates you about your career, not benefits or salary, or daily work. Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.


“Excite me about this position, with the opportunity of interviewing customers with our product, I always have the skills needed to understand or understand what people want. So, I look forward to using that skill to understand the user experience and how to improve that skill. , So that the company is standing among its competitors. “

Job interview conversation question with answer 03: Your Work History

Example Questions

Why did you leave your last company/location?
Why are you keeping your current company/location?

With this question, you want to be cautious. You do not want to complain about your previous/current company or supervisor or give a negative statement. But you will be honest at the same time.

There are some common reasons for leaving a job:

Looking for a new challenge
Looking for a chance to grow your career
The current company is struggling financially (it is OK to mention when it is true and publicly known)
Recent or upcoming steps from a new location


“My last company, it restructures the customer service department and as a result, they drop their latest jobs by 10%, unfortunately, I was one of them, but I was grateful to accelerate my expertise in customer experience, Looking forward to using those skills. “

Job interview conversation question with answer 04: Do you like the best

Example Questions

Why would you like the right choice for this location?
This position / what makes you the best candidate for this job?
Why should we hire you?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know what you will do for the company. Will your skillset or professional experience benefit the company and will help reach its goal? Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.

This is an opportunity to focus on your strengths, past realization, and/or your skills. Then you want to add that power or efficiency to the new location.


(Video) Interview Cliff Asness Portfolio Management Research

“In the job description, I find that the top priority is to increase sales revenue, the ability to identify the skills and techniques according to my skills. In my previous job, I increase our market share between a specific segment and 12% We’ve increased our sales by looking forward to bringing the same skills to this position. “

Job interview conversation question with answer 05: Behavioral Question

Example Questions

Tell me about it…

When you successfully deal with a complaint or a solid customer successfully.
Your highest achievement or achievement is most proud of you.
At a time you made a mistake in your work. How did you manage it?
At a time you managed a high-pressure situation.
A situation in which you showed real leadership.
A time when you agree with your boss.

The behavioral questions are challenging because you do not always know what to expect. With these questions, looking at specific examples of how you accomplished the interview in the past. They like a real story, a concrete example.

They want that quantifiable answer. What does that mean? It means to show something measurable or to some extent.

Examples include:

I increase sales by 6% in 3 months …
I reduce the waiting time by 11% for customers …
I signed 3 new high-end clients …

Ready for Behavioral Questions, Review of Location Responses. The interviewer will probably ask questions related to that specific area and the skills needed to perform well.

Job Interview Conversation - Questions and Answers Sample - Career Cliff (2)

Job interview conversation question with answer 06: You know what the company is about

Example Questions

Do you already know about our company?
What do you know about our competitors?
What encourages you as a good fit for this company?

With these questions, the interviewer wants to see what you know about the company and its products or services. Do not just repeat what their website or brochure does. You know something about the company’s role in specific industries and industries. Familiarize you with their competitors or marketing strategies. Talk about the company’s culture and quality.

It shows that you take time to know about the company and job opportunities are important to you.

For more information on this, review the text of preparing for a job interview in English.

Job interview conversation question with answer 07: Future goals and future Outlook

Example Questions

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What are your career goals?
What do you do here for your first 3-4 months?
Will your first 30 days look like this work?

Here you can see how you set goals, how you achieve goals, and how to solve the problem. An interviewer who wants ambition and will finish the job. Having a study on job interview conversation questions and answers sample like this in English will make the interview process easy than any other.

For example, when the question is “Describe how will you plan your first 30 days in this job?”

What you should consider here is Learning, focusing on informing your colleagues on the first day and months of a new job, and solving new issues of the company. Highlight how you’ve done it in the past and how you plan to do it in your next position.

Job interview conversation question with answer 08: Strength

Example Questions

What would he say if I asked your supervisor to describe you?
Explain what a successful day looks like for you in this company.
What do you think is your top energy?
What are you skilled in?

Talking about yourself and your strength can be uncomfortable. But it is essential. The best way to handle these questions is to highlight a particular skill or power with a story. Show how you’ve used skills to prepare job interview conversation questions and answers sample in English.


“I would say I’m clear in the number of patterns and the identification of the inaccuracies, which is essential for tax preparation. I love that these clients are able to use this skill to help save money.”

Job interview conversation question with answer 09: Specific details of the work

Example Questions

What was the salary range you were looking for?
Are you willing to go to a new town?
Would you be willing/able to travel?
What is your availability?
How will your ideal workday look?

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Take away

We discussed, job interviews are difficult for everyone, but having some job interview conversation questions and answers sample in English will make this effort easy for fun questions to ask in an interview. With the requirements regarding location requirements, it is essential, to be honest. Be clear about your availability. Be truthful about what you wish to do.

You may receive a question about pay which can definitely feel uncomfortable. It’s always a challenge to talk about money. In your reply, you do not want to give a number that is too low or too high. It is a good place to study and pay attention to the general wages for anyone with your eligibility.

It is difficult for an employer to know how to make a case verbally to rent you. Be sure to forget about completely ignoring the basic concepts that you need to publish to interview questions and answers and to create the first impression on your interview.

Job Interview Conversation - Questions and Answers Sample - Career Cliff (3)

Job Interview Conversation - Questions and Answers Sample - Career Cliff (4)

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How do you start a conversation in a job interview? ›

Start the interview with a polite greeting: “How are you today?” or “I'm pleased to meet you!” Thank the interviewer for meeting with you: “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.” Mention who you know at the company: “I was so excited when _____ told me this position was open!”


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