Old Coin Values | Cents to Dollars (2023)

Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 1/23/2023: Gold $1920 | Silver $23.81

All old coin values listed; and most will surprise you. From the common to the rare. Coins have steadily climbed higher in value. Look no farther than your box of old coins for an exciting treasure hunt.

A step by step method is used to evaluate each coin in detail.

Steps Leading to Old Coin Values:

  • Step 1: Recognize the Different Series of Coins - Design changes often occur during a minting year. New to old series are valued separately, each is listed.
  • Step 2: Date and Mintmark Variety - Within series, dates become important to collectors, along with mintmark combination. Ranges of scarcity and demand are identified.
  • Step 3: Grading Condition - Judging condition is done with a close inspection and comparing to standards for the grade. Each series has its own grading section.
  • Step 4: Special Qualities - Old coins because of age, metals involved, and changing minting processes, each have qualities to identify. Awareness of a few key qualities adds to the assessment.

Follow these steps for each coin to greatly increase proper evaluation.

Step 1: | Recognize the Different Series of Coins

Coins are grouped by denomination with the major series represented in the images. Information specific to the series is found by following the tap/click image link.

Below the images - Step 2 continues: Understanding the importance of identifying date and mintmark combinations.

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Step 2: | Date Plus Variety and Mintmarks are Identified

Dates of each coin is confirmed first. Collections of coins are organized primarily by date within a design series. An accurate date identity is a must. A Lincoln cent minted in 1914 is considered scarce and recognized separate of a 1944 cent, with a value difference.

Old Coin Values | Cents to Dollars (9)

Mintmarks are next considered. Philadelphia mint is the original and primary mint of the US with coinage beginning in 1793. Branch mints were added across the country overtime and each placed a mintmark on coins to indicate their production. For example, the Denver mint places a "D" mintmark on all coins it strikes. The dime represents the very popular "CC" mintmark of the Carson City mint.

Today, coins are collected by date and mintmark combination. Each mintmark variety having different original mintages, availability, and demand, depending on the series. 1914 Lincoln pennies were minted at both Philadelphia and Denver. The Denver coin is the scarce variety because of low mintage and identified by the "D" mintmark under the date.

🔎 In Step 1: Images link to pages going into detail identifying mintmarks and their locations.

(Video) How Valuable are Susan B Anthony Dollar Coins? Old Coin Values!

Step 3: | Grading Condition | Old Coin Values are Conditional

Condition: Now begins an important part to the value of old coins. Judging and Grading the condition of the coins' surface. When first minted a coin has no wear to the surface. When used and circulated through commerce, parts of the design begin to wear down and loose detail. Different stages of wear are defined by a Grade. The grade and definition of a coin without wear is; Mint State Grade.

Old Coin Values | Cents to Dollars (10)

First penny in the image is the Mint State Grade. No wear to the surface. Key parts of the coin are examined to confirm absence of wear. On Wheat cents, Lincoln's cheek remains without any dulling or smoothing from wear.

Next, Extremely Fine Grade: Light wear only, with just slight removal of high points of the design defines a coin in Extremely Fine Grade. Look closely at Lincoln's hair, only minor wear shows.

Fine Grade: Coins with moderate wear are defined as Fine grade. Major parts of the design are well detailed, small high relief areas are smooth. The example penny show flatness on Lincoln's cheek and jaw line. Notice there remains contours separating the temple, cheek, and jaw.

Good Grade: Once heavy wear has removed most of the design, a coin is judged and defined within the Good Grade. In the example, Lincoln remains well outline, however, only small portions of hair, face, and coat show any small details.

Collectors inspect each coin very closely. Amount of wear is a major difference in values represented on the charts. Images, video, and descriptions are used to compare your coin and help narrow both the condition and value.

🔎Each coin design has its own features to judge and determine grades. In Step 1 above, follow the image links to each coin series and in-depth grading.

Step 4: | Special Qualities Enhancing Value

Collecting coins is a visual as well as a historical pursuit. US coins date back to the beginnings of the country; its exploration and settlement. Rising and falling mintages alone reflect the changing commerce throughout history.

The coins themselves are the visual enjoyment, miniature works of art. Collectors find fascination in the different designs and symbolism as well as the different alloys of US coinage. An example is the 1833 Half Cent pictured.

Old Coin Values | Cents to Dollars (11)

Historically, the 1833 half cent is dating from a colonial way of life. Aesthetically, the coin is well preserved and very appealing. Its special quality is the state of preservation. Very old copper coins are susceptible to many problems lowering eye appeal. Half cents are all scarce today and its advanced age combined with its pleasing appearance sets it far ahead of many other copper coins. A special coin, handled with care since 1833, a rarity. Value placed on this coin is solid because of these qualities.

Old Coin Values | Cents to Dollars (12)

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In the row of Lincoln cents are many of the problems that easily affect copper coins. Dark toning is the natural state of very old copper when not protected. Discoloration easily accrues because of moisture. Verdigris - the green coloration - damages the surface by pitting. Large marks are part of moving through everyday circulation.

Old US coins were minted in many alloys of metal, different sizes and denominations. Each series covers special qualities unique to the coin, metal, design complexity, and age.

🔎Match your coin to the image links in Step 1 and visit; in-depth old coin values. Special qualities are part of judging each coin.

Coin Values | CoinStudy Articles

Popular Coin Series

Coin values are influenced by denomination and design series popularity. Large numbers of collectors create demand showing in premiums paid for coins. Collecting interests are ranked on charts by denomination and series.

Grading Old Coins || Video Index

Video index of how to grade coins. Series of coins from Indian and Lincoln cents through the different nickel series, dimes, quarters, half and silver dollars. Each series is studied using grading videos, images and descriptions to judge the condition and assign a grade.

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Guest Contributor Michael Bernzweig shares his expertise in metal detecting. Make it a fun outing with family and friends and increase your chances of finding old coins and artifacts using a metal detector.

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Introduction into the selling coins process. Preparing, organizing, and planning to improve results.

Print the Coin Values Worksheet to list your coins and record their values. Should you decide to sell... use the worksheet as an invoice and packing slip when sending coins through the mail to dealers. It indicates you have done your coin values homework.

Coin Values Discovery finds Old Coin Values and...

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All old US coin values. The home page is an excellent index, quickly leading to the major coin series. From Cents to Gold. Easily sort and value your coins. Proceed through the step by step method and identify your box of old coins.


How much is 10 lbs of pennies worth? ›

One modern US penny weighs 0.088 ounces. That means it would take approximately 1,818 pennies to weigh 10 pounds, which would be worth 18 dollars and 18 cents.

How much is 80 000 pennies in dollars? ›

$800 dollars.

How do you calculate how much change you need to give back? ›

Count up from the price to the amount paid to determine the correct amount you are owed in change. For example, if an item cost $2.75 and you gave $5.00, you should count out the change starting with $2.75. Count out 1 quarter to make $3.00, and then $2.00 to get to $5.00. The total change, therefore, should be $2.25.

How much is 100000 pennies in cash? ›

One hundred thousand pennies, worth $1,000. It was all actually a math project that turned into a whole lot of fun. And it's a lesson students say the won't soon forget.

How much is a wheat penny worth? ›

Victor D. Brenner designed the coin under the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was on a mission to redesign our nation's coinage. President Lincoln was chosen as a subject for the penny to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. Any wheat penny is worth at least four cents to most dealers.

Is there a free app to scan coins for value? ›

The Coinoscope mobile app makes coin identification and valuation easy - just snap a picture of a coin with your phone camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. It is fast and accurate. It is a must-have tool for every coin collector and numismatist!

What is the best website for coin values? ›

Top 10 Websites for Coin Collectors and Enthusiasts
  • 01 of 10. The United States Mint. The Fourth Philadelphia Mint. ...
  • 02 of 10. PCGS CoinFacts. ...
  • 03 of 10. Newman Numismatic Portal. ...
  • 04 of 10. CoinNews.net. ...
  • 05 of 10. NGC World Price Guide. ...
  • 06 of 10. Heritage Auctions. ...
  • 07 of 10. Great Collections. ...
  • 08 of 10. Mint Error News.
Feb 28, 2022

What year pennies are worth a million dollars? ›

The Most Expensive Penny

The first 1943 copper cent was sold in 1958 for more than $40,000. In 1996, another went for a whopping $82,500. But those sales pale in comparison with the latest: this week, a dealer in New Jersey sold his 1943 penny for a staggering $1.7 million.

How many pennies is 1000000$? ›

Answer and Explanation: There are 100,000,000 pennies in one million dollars. To find the number of pennies in a million dollars, think first about the number of pennies in one dollar.

How much is 100 million pennies worth? ›

More than a few piggy banks were broken along the way, but Rockefeller Center in New York City is currently displaying 100 million pennies — that's $1 million worth of the copper coins.

How much money should you start with in a cash register? ›

The amount of money you should start with in a cash register is between $100 and $150. Also, a good rule of thumb is to keep at least $20 on a dollar bill and $20 on a $5 bill. That amount allows you to return the change to your customers within one sales shift.

How much is 1 billion pennies worth in dollars? ›

One billion US pennies is equal to 10 million US dollars.

Are there pennies worth millions? ›

1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent: $125,000+

Regardless of condition, 1943 bronze pennies tend to sell for around $125,000 and up. One sold for a whopping $1.7 million dollars through Heritage Auctions in 2010, but this high value was for a rare coin struck at the Denver Mint.

How high is a billion pennies? ›

So one billion pennies stacked is about 61.6 miles high.

Why is a 1968 D penny worth so much? ›

It's easy to get the 1968 pennies because most are circulating. The mints struck them in large numbers, so they have a low value today. The ones that sell for high prices have rare mint errors. It's their rarity that makes them go for a high price.

What is a 1943 zinc penny worth? ›

The coin can sell for around 0.15 USD when in a good state. Expect the value to rise to 0.35 USD in fine grade, 0.48 USD in extremely fine form, and sell at 1.50 USD in the uncirculated grade.

What's the rarest wheat head penny? ›

Considered to be the most valuable of the non-error Wheat Pennies, the 1914 D Wheat Penny commands an asking price range from $281 to $4,268.

Can you get a coin appraised online? ›

Get a market leading price for your coin collection from a simple online coin appraisal, all from the comfort of your home.

Is PCGS coin facts app free? ›

Coin collectors finally have the resource needed to make informed numismatic buying, selling and trading decisions, thanks to the PCGS CoinFacts mobile app. The world's largest encyclopedia of U.S. coins now fits in your pocket and is 100% free to use.

What coins are collectors looking for right now? ›

All images courtesy of USA CoinBook unless otherwise noted.
  • 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent. ...
  • 1943 Lincoln Cent on Bronze Planchet. ...
  • 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel. ...
  • 1893-S Morgan Dollar. ...
  • 1895 Proof Morgan Dollar. ...
  • 1921 High Relief Peace Dollar. ...
  • 1916 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter. ...
  • 1919-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar.
Apr 25, 2022

How do I sell my old coins on the market? ›

There is various website to which you can contact and sell coins and notes. They will, in return, give you a huge amount. The complete process of selling the coins includes various online platforms like OLx, eBay, Indian Coin Mill, etc.

What is the oldest and rarest coin? ›

According to different scholars, the Lydian stater is considered the world's oldest coin still around. Made of a mix of gold and silver called electrum, these early coins were minted around 600 BCE in the kingdom of Lydia in the modern country of Turkey. These coins often featured a lion with a sunburst.

What coins are in high demand? ›

What Precious Coins are in Demand? Silver and gold American Eagles generally take the top spot on the average list of most wanted coins, at least in the English-speaking world. That means, if you happen to have one for sale, you shouldn't have too much of a problem finding a buyer, especially in an online setting.

What is a 1964 nickel worth? ›

According to the NGC Price Guide, a free resource provided by NGC, Mint State 1964 Jefferson Nickels are valued between 15 cents and $500, while Proof coins are generally worth more. Nickels with a 5FS or 6FS designation are valued between $20 to $15,000.

What is the rarest dime? ›

#1 — 1964 Copper-Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime

The 1964 clad Roosevelt dime is a rare coin with only a handful of specimens, and these are worth four figures or more.

What penny is worth $50000? ›

The 1959-D wheat penny is one of the most controversial mule coins ever. It's worth $50,000!

What steel penny is worth $1 million dollars? ›

Simpson, co-chairman of the Texas Rangers baseball club, paid $1 million for the finest known 1943-S Lincoln Wheat cent on a bronze planchet. All 1943 Lincoln cents were supposed to be made of steel planchets coated with zinc. However, some bronze planchets left over from 1942 slipped into the production process.

How much is a 1944 penny value worth? ›

In general, a 1944 Wheat Penny in good condition is worth about $0.15, far more than its face value, but one in mint condition can be worth up to $2.00 or more depending on how fine the condition is. The value of a 1944 Wheat Penny also depends on how many of the coins were minted.

How large is $1 million in cash? ›

Ten thousand $100 bills equals $1 million (10,000 x $100 = $1,000,000). Therefore, a $1 million stack of $100 bills is 43 inches tall (10,000 x . 0043 inches = 43 inches).

How much money is 1 trillion pennies? ›

One trillion pennies is equal to ten billion dollars.

What wheat penny is worth millions? ›

1. 1931-S Wheat Penny. The 1931 S Lincoln Wheat Penny is a key date in the series, with only 866,000 coins minted. Although it may sound like a lot, the average mintage numbers are usually in the millions!

Who is the man who left 80000 pennies? ›

HENRICO, Va. -- A Virginia dad dumped 80,000 pennies outside his 18-year-old daughter's home and told her mom it was his final child support payment -- but Avery Sanford and her mom decided to turn a negative situation into positive action by donating the $800 to a domestic abuse shelter.

How many pennies did the 73 year old man have? ›

RUSTON - After more than 45 years of saving pennies, a Louisiana man decided it was time to cash them in. The News-Star reports that 73-year-old Otha Anders, of Ruston, took 15 five-gallon plastic water jugs full of the coins to the bank on Tuesday. His grand total: A deposit of $5,136.14 into his account.

What to look for before cashing in coins? ›

"Look at the rim of the coin to see if there's silver in the coin," said Matt Duncin, manager of U.S. Coins. A 90 percent silver coin will not have any shine to it. You'll also want to check half dollars dated 1965 through 1970 because those coins are 40 percent silver. Anything 1964 and earlier is 90 percent silver.

Do Coinstar machines count accurately? ›

Coinstar machines are highly accurate and reliable. They are designed to sort and count coins quickly and accurately and provide customers with the full value of their coins in cash, a gift card, or a store credit.

How much does it cost to get coins counted? ›

Free coin counting is available at most locations in the United States if you cash in your coins for an eGift Card. We have more than 20 stores and restaurants to choose from. If you decide to turn your coins in for cash, there is an 11.9% coin processing fee. Fees may vary by location.

What is the correct way to put money in a cash drawer? ›

The currency should be separated into slots by denomination, portrait side up, with all facing in the same direction. The highest denomination should always be on the left, decreasing to the smallest on the far right. Coins should follow the same pattern, with the highest on the left, decreasing to the right.

Is running a cash register hard? ›

Learning how to use a cash register is pretty simple. It's essentially a calculator with an integrated drawer for collecting money. But its limited function means you'll need to add other systems to process credit-based payments, inventory and the accounting side of your store's operations.

What is the rule of 72 money? ›

Do you know the Rule of 72? It's an easy way to calculate just how long it's going to take for your money to double. Just take the number 72 and divide it by the interest rate you hope to earn. That number gives you the approximate number of years it will take for your investment to double.

How do you calculate the best value for money? ›

6 methods for evaluating value for money
  1. Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CE Analysis). ...
  2. Cost Utility Analysis (CU Analysis). ...
  3. Cost Benefit Analysis. ...
  4. Social Return on Investment (SROI). ...
  5. Rank correlation of cost vs impact. ...
  6. Basic Efficiency Resource Analysis (BER analysis).

How much is 1lb of pennies? ›

This tells you there are 181 whole pennies in a pound. To get an exact pound, you'd have to divide one penny into parts and add 44 percent of that penny to the 181 whole pennies.

How much does $100 in pennies weigh in pounds? ›

10,000 pennies are in $100. Every dollar is 100 pennies, and 100 x 100 = 10,000. 10,000 pennies take up 213 cubic inches and weigh 55.1 pounds.

How many pennies are in a 1 lb? ›

100 pennies in a pound.

How much does $200 in pennies weigh? ›

Now go to the bank and put that in the [change] machine and get your $200.” One penny weighs 2.5 grams, so 20,000 pennies weigh about 110 pounds. That was a pretty heavy box. Hopefully Washington tipped his mailman well.


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